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[Webinar Slides] How to Get More Value from Your Website - HubSpot & AddThis


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Live Webinar on 3/29/2016. [Click here to get the recording: ]

Too often a website becomes a leaky bucket: the best content is hidden, the wrong promotions are pushed, or everything is thrown at the user all at once. When this is the case, bounce rates are high, which is nothing but lost value for your company. The average bounce rate for content sites is 40-60%, and a simple landing page with a call to action has an average of 70-90%.

A good website is crucial to inbound marketing. In order to get someone converted to a lead, you'll need to personalize your website, especially for that first impression. At the promote phase, you need to appropriately give someone the opportunity to share your content with their followers.

Join Charlie Reverte, VP & GM at AddThis, as he shares his tips and tricks for website optimization and personalization. Make sure your website is one where people want to stay, and come back for more!

On this webinar, you'll learn:

The signs of an interruptive website with too many distractions
How to simplify your website and personalize content to increase conversions
Showcasing your best content to new visitors: how to avoid the "Content Iceberg"
Tips to understanding your audience based on website behavior
Much more about getting more value from your website!

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[Webinar Slides] How to Get More Value from Your Website - HubSpot & AddThis

  1. 1. How to Get More Value from Your Website @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  2. 2. A couple reminders before we get started… 1. The webinar is being recorded 2. The slides on are on the sign-in page via SlideShare 3. Ask questions throughout the webinar using the hashtag #WebsiteValueWebinar @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  3. 3. Hi, I’m... Charlie Reverte, VP/GM of Publisher Products Charlie Reverte @numbakrrunch @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  4. 4. We help companies optimize marketing effectiveness with tools and audiences powered by extraordinary interest-based behavioral data. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  5. 5. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  6. 6. @numbakrrunch -- #ATWebinar@addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  7. 7. This is the HubSpot Inbound Marketing funnel that we’ve all come to know and love. Your website plays an important role in this funnel and often gets neglected or mistreated. Website + Inbound Marketing @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  8. 8. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  9. 9. “Markets are nothing more than conversations.” The Cluetrain Manifesto, 1999 @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  10. 10. This is how we treat our customers. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  11. 11. According to a study by Kissmetrics... ● The average bounce rate for content sites is 40-60% ● A simple landing page with a single call to action has an average 70-90% bounce rate ● Most of your hard-earned visitors are leaving. Result: High Bounce Rates @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  12. 12. Where People Run Into Problems @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  13. 13. Blogging platforms make it really easy to publish content but they make it really hard to consume. Blogs are laid out in reverse chronological order. So they show you what’s most recent and not most relevant to what you’re looking for. Your best content for a new visitor is often not your most recent. Burying Your Best Content @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  14. 14. The Vegas Strip Problem The Content Iceberg Problem @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  15. 15. Overwhelm Our Visitors Because websites are one-size-fits-all, when you create a website design, you try and speak to EVERYONE. So, you throw EVERYTHING at your visitors. It feels very overwhelming. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  16. 16. The Vegas Strip Problem @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  17. 17. Interrupting Your Visitors Before someone’s even had a chance to set foot on your website, you ask them to subscribe to your email newsletter. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  18. 18. The Megaphone Problem @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  19. 19. All of these problems are related. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  20. 20. What’s The Answer? @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  21. 21. What is Personalization? Tailoring your content, promotions, and messaging to the needs of individual website visitors. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  22. 22. 66% of consumers reported that personalized messaging played an important role on their decision to purchase something, according to Forrester. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  23. 23. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  24. 24. How To Get Started @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  25. 25. 3 Steps to Website Personalization 01 Understand your audiences 02 Understand your content 03 Match content with the audience @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  26. 26. 1. Understand Your Audiences @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  27. 27. 1. Understand Your Audiences New Visitor Deep Linked from Search Acquired From a Campaign @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  28. 28. 2. Understand Your Content What content do you have and how does it map to the inferred audiences we’ve identified? Photo by JD Hancock @numbakrrunch -- #ATWebinar@addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  29. 29. 3. Match ‘em Together Try promoting content aimed at someone in a particular group. Photo by Sheep purple @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  30. 30. Starting with the Convert Phase Turning visitors into leads.. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  31. 31. ● Audience: New Visitors ● Content: A promotion to learn more. ● Result: ~1% CTR vs . Target Someone Who’s New vs. Returning ● Audience: Returning Visitors ● Content: Get started. ● Result: ~2.5-3% CTR @numbakrrunch -- #ATWebinar@addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  32. 32. • Audience: Someone responding to a specific promotional campaign. • Content: Don’t forget about the promotion. • Results: 5-6% CTR Target Based on Acquisition Campaign @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  33. 33. • Audience: What page they’re on says a lot about where they’re in funnel. • Content: Something that’s specifically relevant to someone visiting that page. • Result: 2% CTR Target Based on Current Page @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  34. 34. Moving to the Delight Phase @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  35. 35. Target Delighted Users with Sharing ● Audience: People on a success page. ● Content: Promotion to share their experience to a social network ● Result: 1.5 - 2% CTA @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  36. 36. Go Deeper by Targeting Interests. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  37. 37. 3 Steps to Website Personalization 01 Identify your audiences’ interests 02 Understand your content categories 03 Match content with the audience @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  38. 38. 1. What have people seen on your site already? You can guess someone’s interests based on what’s popular. Our Google Analytics @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  39. 39. 2. Map Content to Your Interests @numbakrrunch -- #ATWebinar@addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  40. 40. 3. Target Based On Interests Audience: People who’ve visited travel or fine arts sites. Content: Specifically relevant to that interest Result: 1.5 - 2% CTR Targeted on Travel Targeted on Fine Arts @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  41. 41. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  42. 42. The Cold Start Problem @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  43. 43. What have people done off your site? Use 3rd party data sources to understand the interests of your first time visitors and personalize before they bounce @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  44. 44. Everybody Wins! @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  45. 45. @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  46. 46. Get more out of your website @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  48. 48. Q&A @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar
  49. 49. Thanks for joining us! Thanks for Joining Us! @addthis @HubSpot -- #WebsiteValueWebinar