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Virtual EMF - Standard talk at EclipseCon Europe 2011


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Published in: Technology
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Virtual EMF - Standard talk at EclipseCon Europe 2011

  1. 1. Virtual EMF Transparent Composition Weaving Composition, and Linking of Models g Hugo B H Brunelière (Atl M d) liè (AtlanMod) & Grégoire Dupé (Mia-Software) EclipseCon Europe 2011 November 2nd, 201102/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 1
  2. 2. Outline What’s this talk about? What s – Everything in one slide! Virtual EMF in a Nutshell… – Why “virtual”? Overview… – How “virtual”? Architecture… virtual ? – Many potential real applications! – A brand new prototype on Eclipse Labs p yp p MoDisco for the Use Case… – What? The Eclipse-MDT project… p p j – What for? The generic and extensible framework… Virtual EMF in Action on a MoDisco Scenario… – Demo time!!! Who We Are… – AtlandMod (INRIA) & Mia-Software 02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 2
  3. 3. What’s this talk about? Virtual EMF (for the purpose) – A new prototype dedicated to the transparent composition weaving and composition, linking of models – A direct extension of EMF – An Eclipse Labs project p // g g / / p g/p /virtual-emf/ MoDisco (for a p ( possible use case) ) – A generic and extensible framework for elaborating on Model Driven Reverse Engineering solutions – A MDT project: 02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 3
  4. 4. Virtual EMF in a Nutshell…02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 4
  5. 5. Why “virtual”? Overview… y Definition: “a virtual model is a model whose a (virtual) elements are proxies to elements contained i diff i d in different models” d l ” Model Ma Links Model Mb Virtual  EMF Virtual Model  EMF‐based  EMF based  EMF‐based  EMF based  Tool A VMab Tool B 02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 5
  6. 6. Why “virtual”? Overview… y Virtual model properties: – Interoperability. Transparent use with all standard modeling tools d d d l l – Scalability. Support for very big models  Faster creation time. No additional copy of model elements  Low memory usage. No data duplication, direct access to model elements –SSynchronization. A t h i ti Automated because of shared t db f h d model elements –GGenericity. S i it Support f all types of inter-model t for ll t fi t d l links (e.g.; associate, filter, merge, …) 02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 6
  7. 7. How “virtual”? Architecture… Virtual EMF is made of 2 main components– Implement EMF‐based  EMF‐based  the Model Tool A Tool B Access API A uses uses uses EMF standard Model Access API– Manage implements implements implements uses Linking API the XMI  X I CDO  C O Virtualization  Vi li i “virtual” Serialization Mapping API accesses accesses links li k uses File  Database System 02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 7
  8. 8. How “virtual”? Architecture… Virtualization API – Refinement of base EMF model access operations (e.g.; createResource, eGet, eSet, ) (e g ; createResource eGet eSet …)  Retrieval of referenced elements  Support for virtual links – Generation of the “virtual” composed metamodel  Could be also “virtualized” in next versions virtualized Linking API g – Current implementation via a model weaving technology (AMW), others may be provided later  Representation of inter-model relationships  Transparent usage of virtually linked elements p g y 02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 8
  9. 9. Many potential real applications! yp pp Model association in general – E.g.; transparent inter-model dependencies M d l composition Model iti – E.g.; complementary models integration Model merging – E.g.; similar models fusion g; Model filtering – E g ; model elements hiding E.g.; Model overriding –EE.g.; d li t d elements removal duplicated l t l Etc. 02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 9
  10. 10. A brand new prototype on Eclipse Labs p yp p02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 10
  11. 11. MoDisco for the Use Case…02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 11
  12. 12. Eclipse-MDT MoDisco p An Eclipse framework to support the elaboration of Model Driven R M d lD i Reverse Engineering E i i solutions  Official Eclipse Modeling project (in MDT)  Open-source (EPL) p ( )  Based on other Eclipse Modeling projects  Released with Helios & Indigo  Supported by the OMG  Reference implementations for ADM (Architecture  Driven Modernization) standards: D i M d i ti ) t d d  KDM (Knowledge Discovery Metamodel)  SMM (Structured Metrics Metamodel)  ASTM (Abstract Syntax Tree Metamodel) ( y )02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 12
  13. 13. MoDisco Overall Architecture Supported Technologies Java  . . . JSP XML Metamodel Metamodel Metamodel Discoverer Discoverer Discoverer Generator Generator Generator Transfo. to KDM/UML Discovery Model  Customization OMG/ADM Manager Browser & Extensibility Standards Plug and orchestrate Navigation through  Definition of Pivot metamodels transformations complex models specific  viewpoints (KDM, ASTM, SMM) Infrastructure Eclipse Modeling Eclipse Modeling projects02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 13
  14. 14. Model Driven Reverse Engineering (MDRE) Approach in MoDisco Use models to represent and manipulate artifacts from existing systemsExisting g Discover Understand TransformLegacy SystemSoftware artifacts : New‐ source code Models Viewpoints‐ configuration files  Software Artifacts‐ tests‐ database‐… 02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 14
  15. 15. Virtual EMF in Action on a MoDisco Scenario Scenario…02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 15
  16. 16. Virtual EMF Applied in a (MoDisco) Reverse Engineering Context A scenario scenario… Virtual Model TraceabilityExisting Discover Understand TransformLegacy System Eclipse plugin developed in  d l d Java KDM UML2 Class UML2 Class Java Model Model Model (source code) Virtual Model Virtual Model Merging Filtering 02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 16
  17. 17. Who We Are?02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 17
  18. 18. AtlandMod – An Expert Research Team in Modeling  A common team between INRIA, Ecole Labs (scientific experts) des Mines de Nantes (EMN) & LINA  Expertise on Model Driven Engineering Eclipse (MDE) OMG  Focus on “Modeling Modeling Open source Technologies for Etc. Software Production, SMEs Big Companies g p Evolution, and E l ti d (technology providers) (end-users) Operation”  Actively involved in Application D i A li ti Driven Research R h Eclipse via MoDisco, A virtuous triangle… EMF Facet, ATL02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 18
  19. 19. Mia-Software – Model Driven Agility Company  A software provider specialized in the Labs (scientific experts) pp Model-Driven approach Involved in Eclipse via MoDisco, MoDisco EMF Facet Eclipse & Papyrus OMG Open source  A subsidiary of Etc. SODIFRANCE Group benefiting from the SMEs Big Companies g p (technology providers) (end-users) efforts engaged in R&D about the evolution of legacy y systems 02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 19
  20. 20. Thanks for your attention! y Useful links – Virtual EMF on Eclipse Labs  htt // d l / / li l b / / i t l f/ – Eclipse-MDT MoDisco project  http://www eclipse org/MoDisco Contacts – Caue Clasen –  Vi t l EMF Virtual – Hugo Bruneliere -  Virtual EMF & MoDisco – Grégoire Dupé –  MoDisco 02/11/2011 © AtlanMod (INRIA, EMN & LINA) and Mia‐Software 20