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FC Barcelona Cooperation - lesson for business

Real business is driven by cooperation. Barca knows how to do it. Does your organization knows the psychological mechanism to start and strengthen cooperation?

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FC Barcelona Cooperation - lesson for business

  1. 1. Dariusz Ambroziak dr Victor Wekselberg FC BARCELONA AS A LABORATORY OF COOPERATION AND MOTIVATION 24.10.2017
  2. 2. Gauss Institute About us: Being a consulting company, we encourage organizational development and efficient going through different business challenges Our team: Mainly industrial and organizational psychologists, using scientific knowledge in the business area Our services: • Enhancing level of cooperation in organizations and teams • Employee selection services • Constructing and adapting tailor-made diagnostic tools (e.g. competency models, employee survey) • Developing individual programs for managers in a direct, consulting manner (it is neither coaching, nor trainings) How do we work? We diagnose, design and put into practice organizational changes, using evidence-based approach
  3. 3. Cooperation COOPERATION forms the basis for the efficient organizational functioning. Barça’s well-thought-out and consistently developed over the years idea of the club and playing football itself is firmly based on cooperation. Not only all of this contributes to the team success, but it also determines specific approach to motivation and how to motivate players.
  4. 4. Psychological concept of cooperation CONGRUENCE OF GOALS CONGRUENCE OF ATTITUDES KNOWLEDGE OF OTHER MEMBERS Congruence of individual and group/organizational goals Groups develop through co-action in tasks Knowledge of each other team member in important areas for group goals’ accomplishment Similar evaluation of the issues important for the group
  5. 5. Signs of Barça’s cooperation • The game strategy requires from the players realization of the team goals as well as taking into account the individual goals • Staying on the ball: maximalization of co-action as an important condition for the cooperation development The best business organizations: ▪ Adapt themselves to their employees ▪ Enhance participation in decision-making
  6. 6. Why La Masia is such a great success? • Players learn to see the world from a similar perspective starting form the early youth • Players from La Masia know each other well • System forces cooperation, but not every team player has a strong social orientation (Delofeu hypothesis) The best business organizations: ▪ Select employees carefully ▪ Keep the best employees for a long period of time ▪ Enhance the exchange of knowledge – not through the integration events
  7. 7. Barça sets itself different types of goals, not only winning the titles 1st example: The number of scored/conceded goals is not the best measure of how well the team functioned during the game 2nd example: Famous Guardiola’s speech at the first training session in 2008 3rd example: Mes que un club Efficient companies: ▪ Have the organizational strategy written in the form of specific and clear goals ▪ Set different types of goals, not only the business ones (sale, profit, etc.) ▪ Motivate employees by increasing efficiency of their actions, not by exceeding targets
  8. 8. Balance between individual goals of the team players and group goals 1st example: Transferring Mascherano from the defensive midfielder position to the centre-backs 2nd example: Ibrahimowic employment failure 3rd example: Goalkeeper Pinto and loss of Copa del Rey 4th example: New team member Efficient companies: ▪ Get rid of the workers whose individual goals are contradictory to the organizational ones ▪ Take care of new workers induction process, adjusting to them some of the goals
  9. 9. Game situations • The important rule is: one should pass the ball to the player who stands in a better position to score a goal • The team starts most plays from the goalkeeper – he is not kicking the ball far away • Tiqui-taca is not about the number of passes, but about heading towards the goal and creating goal situations. Guardiola does not like the tic-tac name. The best business organizations: ▪ Engage as many workers as possible in organizational goals realization ▪ Let the employees with the best field knowledge make important decisions
  10. 10. Why Guardiola had to leave? He influenced the team players in an emotional way not only during matches, but also during training. The best managers: ▪ Understand the limits of the popular transformational leadership style ▪ Avoid motivating people using emotions and stress
  11. 11. Contact Dariusz Ambroziak Managing Partner