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IAKG challange based_developement_122014

How to effectively change behaviour of managers in six 6 to 8 weeks?

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IAKG challange based_developement_122014

  1. 1. CBD™ - Challenge Based Development How to effectively change behaviour of managers? 12.2014
  2. 2. Challenge Based Development World & Polish Business Leaders about challenges and experiences Tomorrow’s leaders get their training by dealing with today’s challenges. You have to take the ones with the most potential and send them where the action is... Leaders are formed in the fires of experience. Carlos Ghosn, CEO Nissana i Renault Tłumaczenie własne (Ghosn & Ries, 2005, pp. 152–153). I don’t believe in intuition. Maybe I will say something controversial, but intuition is experiences that we can’t knowingly associate. If some person doesn’t have experiences, he also doesn’t have an intuition. Michał Bichta, managing Director, Merck Sp .z o.o. Dobre przywództwo. Najlepsze praktyki polskich liderów biznesu. A. Drzewiecki D. Chełmiński, E. Kubica (s.173) Wolters Kluwer, Warszawa 2011
  3. 3. Center for Creative Leadership* presented a meta-analysis of worldwide studies concerning the effectiveness of different approaches to the development of highly-efficient managers. The study covered the years 1981 - 2010 and the largest currently available set of recommendations for building development programs, it also confirmed previous studies conducted by McCall. Challenge Based Development - CBD™ Key factors influencing managerial developement *70-20-10 From Research to Rules to Real World Practices, Cindy McCauley, A presentation for the Council of Learning, Development and Organizational Performance, January 25, 2012 70% 20% 10% 0% 0% Challenges at work Co-workers Trainings and workshops Critical events Personal experiences
  4. 4. Challenge is an ambitious task, fulfilled by a particular manager. The task is relevant to the role and responsibilities of the manager. The challenge is tailored to the results of psychological diagnosis of the manager and the possibilities of a particular organization. The challenge should be considered both demanding and new for the manager. Challenge – what does it mean? IAKG definition
  5. 5. 1. Leadership is learned from experience. 2. Certain experiences matter more than others. 3. These experiences are powerful because of the challenges they present. 4. Different types of experiences teach different lessons. 5. Jobs and assignments can be made more developmental. 6. People can get many of the experiences they need in spite of the obstacles. 7. Learning takes place over time and it’s dynamic, with all manner of twists and turns. M.W. McCall, Recasting Leadership Development, „Industrial and Organizational Psychology”, 2010, nr 3, s. 3–19. Challenge Based Development ™ Seven Sure Bets by McCall
  6. 6. The CBD™ procedure First diagnosis, then action A typical program takes 8 to 10 weeks. The time required to complete the development program depends on the availability of the manager and the cooperation between the Client and IAKG.
  7. 7. Diagnostic testing First diagnosis, then action Tools used by IAKG allow to build a comprehensive profile of a person in the work context. It is possible due to the methodical multi-level diagnosis combined with an understanding of the relations between multiple levels.
  8. 8. Consultant, coach, trainer – a comparison Consultants work with the entire system Source: Vademecum Pracodawcy 2014, Mieszko Maj i dr Victor Wekselberg, Badania obalają mity o rozwoju menedżerów , s 122-126. Consultant Coach Trainer Works with other key people in the organization Yes, if it’s relevant to achieving business goals by the manager No Yes, if they are present in the training room Uses professional tools of psychological diagnosis Yes, diagnostic tools are necessary for the diagnosis Optional – it depends on the coach No Takes business goals into account Yes, he/she is accountable for the outcome Rarely, usually meets the objectives of the person coached No, only meets the objectives of the training Uses business indicators used by the manager Yes, this is the language in which they communicate It depends on the coaching goals It depends on the trainer’s analytical skills Works in the work environment of the manager Yes Only in group coaching, not in personal coaching No
  9. 9. CBD™ program – summary 1. Diagnosis: what behaviours of the manager can be changed to fit organizational goals. 2. Setting challenges to complete in the workplace. 3. Working on changing the habits. 4. Acquiring desirable habits in 6-8 weeks. Benefits for the organization  An effective motivational tool – it is not coaching nor training.  A quick shift of behaviour in the desirable direction.  Full control of the process due to an automated reporting system. Benefits for the manager  Access to a professional psychological diagnosis.  One-on-one consultations aimed at dealing with current problems.  Access to professional knowledge and experience.
  10. 10. Before we begin "One must require from each one the duty which each one can perform. Accepted authority rests first of all on reason." Antoine'a de Saint-Exupéry The Little Prince
  11. 11. Dariusz Ambroziak Managing Partner M: +48 601 588 688 Contact