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  1. 1. Newspaper Headlines
  2. 2. Issues raised here may be related to drug abuse and self neglect. This article can reflect on self identity, and how the media can impact the way teenagers view themselves. Teenage pregnancy has reduced in Britain over the last few years, but the re has been an increase in drug abuse and binge drinking.
  3. 3. Another common issue is drugs, which is a common theme within modern society and broadcasted through the media. This Is also often found in many social realism films.
  4. 4. British Teenage Pregnancy The UK has one of the highest teenage birth rates in Europe with a rate of 26.4 teenage births per 1,000 women aged 15–19 in 2006, down from 27.9 births in 2001. The UK also has a higher rate of abortion than most European countries. Of young Britons reported engaging in sexual intercourse whilst in their teens, 80% said they did not use a form of contraception, although a half of those under 16, and one-third of those between 16 to 19, said they did not use a form of contraception during their first encounter. 10% of British teen mothers are married. Adolescent pregnancy is viewed as a matter of concern by both the British government and the British press. (
  5. 5. British Teenage Behaviour British teenagers are the worst behaved in Europe, according to new research. Fifteen-year-olds in the UK are more likely to get drunk, act aggressively and be sexually active than their peers on the continent. It is stated that 27 per cent of British teens are regularly drunk, the highest in Europe. That compares with just three per cent of French teenagers and five per cent in Italy. British teenagers are also the most aggressive with 44 per cent having been involved in a fight in the last year. (