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Galaxy Forum Kansas 2011_auger north


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Galaxy Forum Kansas 2011_auger north

  1. 1. Auger Reasearch & Development Array in Lamar Colorado Dr. Nick Solomey Prof. And Chair of Physics Wichita State University 27 Aug. 2011 Cosmosphere, KS
  2. 2. Pierre Auger Observatory The Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory was planned to have two array: 1) Malargue, Argentina 2) Lamar, Colorado
  3. 3. Lamar RDA test array for AugerThe next year we aretesting:1) Technology in the newenviroment of Colorado2) The communicationsystem for are largerarray3) The rougher terraincommunication needs.
  4. 4. Work on RDA array underway Progress: 1) All modules needed at the 20 nodal points are installed. 2) Electronics is under testing 3) Computer readout system is working and ready for the cosmic ray test data.
  5. 5. Conclusion1) We are about to start a year of full operation ofthe Auger North RDA test array.2) After the year of data taking we will proceedwith evaluating the performance and present tonecessary funding agencies.3) We can use the support of all who want to seethis project come about because these are verydifficult funding times in the USA, but Germanywants to proceed.