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Galaxy Forum Waimea 2013 - Joseph Sulla - ILOA Global HQ


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Galaxy Forum Waimea 2013 - Joseph Sulla - ILOA Global HQ

  1. 1. International Lunar Observatory Association: 4 Mission Update & Global Headquarters Development Campaign
  2. 2. International Lunar Observatory Association Space Age Publishing Company International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) • Galactic / Inter-Stellar • Earth-Moon / Inter-Global • Hawaiian • Multi-Functional
  3. 3. ILO-1 Polar Mission (NET 2015) ILO – Chang'e 3 Galaxy Imaging (2013) ILO-X Precursor Mission (NLT 2015) ILO Human Service Mission (NET 2018)
  4. 4. Lunar South Pole – Kaguya
  5. 5.    First Light Galaxy Imaging Initial landing site observation, local surveillance Earth observations: albedo, geocorona, etc.  Search for Earth-like planets Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Analyze interstellar molecules to determine origin of Solar System VLF observation Observe signs of life on Mars, Europa, Titan, etc. Search for dangerous NEOs Sun-Earth observations, solar storm warnings  More      
  6. 6. ILO Galaxy First Light Imaging
  7. 7. ILO Imaging Galaxy Center *** 21st Century EarthRise Photo : 1968 / Apollo 8 *** 20th Century
  8. 8. Galaxy Center (6 min exposure) by ILO-X Phase 2 Hardware
  9. 9.  Build a State-of-the-art Global Headquarters Facility on Hawai`i island to house ILOA activities: Direct ILO Moon Missions  Receive & Process Data From ILO Moon Missions  Conduct Instrument tests  Manage International Relations with partner countries / agencies 
  10. 10.  Site Will also serve as Education / Research Center:   Host Local Students / Educators Employ & Host Scientists to conduct astronomy & Planetary Science research (Lunar site Characterization)
  11. 11.  Kamuela / Waimea site: Near Keck & CFHT HQs   Direct Line of Site / Easy access to Mauna Kea Observatories -- Center of Astronomy in Northern Hemisphere 2500 sq. ft. complex on 1 acre of land
  12. 12.     Advance Hawaii leadership in Astronomy (without additional Mauna Kea development) Employment opportunities Enhance Hawaii International partnerships Valuable Resource for local educators / students  Students can participate in and learn about actual Moon missions
  13. 13. HS Computer Lab ILO-X Web Interface Instructions Content Communications Link ILO-X on the Moon
  14. 14. International Lunar Observatory Association Space Age Publishing Company To find out what you can do to help with this project, contact us at: ILO Association 65-1230 Mamalahoa Highway, D-20 Kamuela, HI 96743 Phone 808-885-3474 Fax 808-885-3475 Email