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Innobite´s 2nd Workshop Biocomposites & EcoConstruction


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INNOBITE project’s “Biocomposites for Eco-construction Workshop” aims to disseminate the potential of biocomposites, based in new bio-thermosetting polymers and cellulose nanofibres as reinforcement, in the construction sector.

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Innobite´s 2nd Workshop Biocomposites & EcoConstruction

  1. 1. INNOBITE is a research project co-funded by the European Community Seventh Framework Programme for European Research and Technological Development, and has received research funding from the European Union Grant Agreement No: 308.465 INNOBITE’s 2nd Workshop Biocomposites & EcoConstruction 20th Feb 2014 san sebastian INNOBITE´s 2nd WORKSHOP LOCATION TECNALIA Donostia Teknologi Parkea, Paseo Mikeletegi, 2, 20009 Donostia San Sebastian, Spain GENERAL INFORMATION Costs The event is sponsored by Tecnalia and free of charge for the participants. Contact
  2. 2. INNOBITE’s 2nd Workshop Current unused by-products and wastes from various biobased sources amount to a total of 2.8 bn tons/year in the EU. With the aim of better valorizing urban and agricultural residues, INNOBITE project is currently developing a new generation of biobased materials and composites, allowing the production of better-performing components for application in the construction sector. INNOBITE project’s “Biocomposites for Eco-construction Workshop” aims to disseminate the potential of biocomposites, based in new bio-thermosetting polymers and cellulose nanofibres as reinforcement, in the construction sector. Biocomposites for Ecoconstruction 20th Feb Programme In addition to the inorganic fraction, the biorefinery process will also provide cellulose and lignin. These fractions, along with the inorganic fraction (mainly silica) can be used to produce lignin based thermosetting resin, lignin based thermoplastic resin and silica biocomposites, which in turn can be used in the production of decking, fencing and indoor panels. Ecoconstruction and the INNOBITE Project In order to have competitive biobased products in the market, each step of the value chain needs to be competitive: the feedstock supply, the processing, as well as the product(s) and market (both in terms of price and environmental performance). The workshop attempts to address these aspects from both regulatory and scientific perspectives, not only including the legal framework perspective in the construction sector at European level and the environmental impact assessment of these biomaterials, but also covering the latest scientific developments on biobased reinforcements and thermosetting polymers. Workshop Organizer: Arantxa Artola and Alvaro Tejado, TECNALIA Place & Date: Teknologi Parkea, San Sebastian / 20th February 2014 Contact: Introduction INNOBITE project and 2nd Workshop Alvaro Tejado (TECNALIA) 09:30-10:00 The role of materials and products in sustainable construction ´ Patxi Hernandez (TECNALIA) Environmental Impact Assesment of constructing biomaterials by means the LCA tool. Case study: INNOBITE ´ Julia Fernandez de Casas (VTG) 10:30-11:00 ´ Nuevos Bioplasticos Termoestables Jokin Hidalgo (TECNALIA) 11:00-11:10 Open discussion on the previous topics 11:10-11:40 Coffee break 11:40-12:10 Cellulose Nanofibres as reinforcement of composites Gilberto Siqueira (EMPA) One of the main objectives of the INNOBITE project is “to develop and integrate a biorefinery process that is an environmentally acceptable method for the effective extraction of the inorganic fraction of wheat straw”, a sub-process that has not yet been developed nor integrated in existing biorefineries. A biorefinery is a highly sustainable process that enables the successive extraction of the different valuable fractions of plants, similar to how a crude oil refinery enables extraction of valuable fractions from crude oil. Registration and Welcome 09:00-9:30 Biocomposites and the INNOBITE project 08:30-9:00 Finite Element Analysis in composites. Case study: INNOBITE Carmen Tola (ACF) 12:40-13:10 Advanced Nanocomposites Galder Kortaberria (UPV/EHU) 13:10-13:40 Permacultura y Sostenibilidad ´ en la Construccion ´ David Gonzalez (IRAUN PERMAKULTURA) 10:00-10:30 12:10-12:40 13:40-13:50 Open discussion on the previous topics 13:50-14:00 Closing of the Workshop Concluding Remarks INNOBITE partner INVITED speaker (Gratefully Acknowledged) Alvaro Tejado (TECNALIA)