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IPDC Training - Behavioural Interview (Focus on Techniques and Application)


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IPDC has been facilitating a considerably numbers of public trainings and in-house training programs in Performance Management and Appraisal Skills for the last 15 years

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IPDC Training - Behavioural Interview (Focus on Techniques and Application)

  1. 1. Behavioral Interview Focus on Techniques and Application
  2. 2. Behavioral Interview Exclusively designed for Focus on Techniques and Application
  3. 3. Table of Content 1. IPDC Experiences 3 2. General Approach & Methodology 8 3. Proposed Training Agenda 14 4. Facilitator Profile 23 5. Training Fees 31 SECTION PAGE 3
  4. 4. Our Experience 5 FACT SINCE 2000 We are one of the leading training institution in Indonesia serving Oil & Gas Industry and Multi Industries.
  5. 5. 6 FACT SINCE 2000 We are one of the leading training institution in Indonesia serving Multi Industries. Our Experience
  6. 6. Training Categories We Offer 1. Oil & Gas Industry Knowledge and Practice 2. AFE, POD & WP&B 3. PTK 007 4. Public Accounting & Financial Aspects. 5. Tax Management in Oil & Gas 6. Communication & Interpersonal Skills 7. Workplace & Professional Enhancement Skills 8. Professional Skills for Secretaries & Admin Staff 9. Strategic Thinking, Planning & Change Management 10. Human Resources & People Management 11. Leadership Development 12. Document Management, Administration & Modern Office 13. Management of Training 14. Supply Chain in Management in Oil & Gas 15. Pre-retirement (Purnabhakti) 16. Project Management & Project Planning in Oil & Gas Industry Our Experience Our Trainers / Consultants We currently have 100 Associated Trainers/ Consultants Our Trainers and Consultants are seasoned, Industry-tested professionals. They’ve gained for more than 20 years of professional experience coming from international and national firms, and they’ve been senior-level executives or directors in businesses. 6
  7. 7. Current Similar Experiences (in-house training) Please check and request from us for a copy of contract for fact and data verification on our claimed experiences in similar trainings. Our Experience IPDC has been facilitating a considerably numbers of public trainings and in-house training programs in Behavioral Interview Skills and Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection Training for the last 15 years 8
  8. 8. We facilitate the training by using the following learning methods: Approach & Methodology Conceptual & Discussion 50% Practice & Application Learning Methods The training delivery is delivered in Bahasa Indonesia, however, some terminology maybe remained in English 10 10 % Case Study 40 % Role Plays LEARN IT - DO IT - MAKE IT A HABIT
  9. 9. 1 Day Training Date: TO BE ADVISED Approach & Methodology ParticipantsTraining Duration for the Program Duration & Participants 11 Maximum of 15 Participants of each Class
  10. 10. Approach & Methodology Evaluation Tools Description Specific Tools Pre and Post- Assessment • Identify participants current competencies and areas of improvement Various Pre and Post Assessments Overall Training Evaluation • Assess the level of learning that is being achieved throughout the program • The reaction of the participants and their thoughts, knowledge and behavior about the training • Kirkpatrick's Four-Level Training Evaluation Model • IPDC’s exclusively designed Evaluations Form (if required) Training Effectiveness Evaluation 12
  11. 11. Upon completion of the Training (All sessions of Training, Post Assessment, Evaluation and Observation), IPDC shall submit the following Reports in form of Hardcopy and Softcopy: Approach & Methodology • Report of Program result • All survey and evaluation result of the program 13 Report
  12. 12. As part of training delivery, IPDC shall submit the following items: • Training material/ tool kit for all participants. • Certificates of Achievement for all participants. • Program documentation (In-Class session) and video recording. Approach & Methodology 14 Deliverable
  13. 13. Program Agenda Tujuan Pelatihan ini 16 • Membangun pemahaman mendalam tentang proses rekrutmen, seleksi dan wawancara, terutama dengan menggunakan konsep perilaku dan kompetensi sebagai media pembeda • Mengembangkan ketrampilan melakukan wawancara dengan menggunakan panduan wawancara yang berbasis informasi atas perilaku yang terkait dengan profil posisi yang dituju • Meningkatkan pemahaman atas pentingnya proses wawancara dalam memilih orang yang dianggap sesuai dengan profil perilaku per posisi • Meningkatkan dan mengembangkan kemampuan dalam mengintegrasikan hasil wawancara untuk mencapai kesepakatan dalam memilih orang yang dianggap sesuai
  14. 14. Program Agenda Kompetensi yang akan dikembangkan 17 • Ketrampilan Wawancara (interviewing skill) • Ketrampilan Mengembangkan Panduan Wawancara (interview guide development) • Ketrampilan Mengembangkan Profil Posisi (position profiling) • Ketrampilan Mengintegrasikan Informasi dan Penulisan Laporan (integrating of information and report writing skill) – optional
  15. 15. Agenda Manager & HR
  16. 16. Program Agenda 19 DAY ONE Behavioral Interview Time Session Topic Discussed Expected Outcome 07.30 – 08.00 Opening & Ice Breaking Fun; Siap menghadapi perubahan; Buddy 08.00 – 09.30 Konsep Dasar 1: Competency & Behavioral Event Interview/Star • Kompetensi sebagai media pembeda • Kompetensi yang didasarkan pada perilaku yang dapat diamati • Metode STAR: • Situation or Task • Action you took • Results you achieved 09.30 – 10.00 Practice # 1 - Memahami Kompetensi 10.00 – 10.15 Coffee Break 10.15 – 11.15 Konsep Dasar 2: Proses Rekrutmen dan Seleksi • Proses Rekrutmen dan Seleksi • Peran Pewawancara Pemahaman tentang proses rekrutmen dan seleksi yang biasa dilakukan serta peran wawancara untuk menggali informasi terkait dengan posisi yang dituju
  17. 17. Program Agenda 20 DAY ONE Behavioral Interview Time Session Topic Discussed Expected Outcome 11.15 - 11.45 Konsep Dasar 3: Profil Posisi • Profil Posisi sebagai standar kompetensi ideal yang harus diperoleh Pemahaman tentang profil posisi sebagai profil sukses bagi individu untuk dapat efektif bekerja pada posisi yang dituju 11.45 – 12.15 Practice # 2 - Membangun Profil Posisi 12.15 – 13.00 Lunch Break and Prayer Time 13.00-13.30 Standar Penilaian Pemahaman atas standar penilaian dalam wawancara dengan menggunakan skala rating yang harus disusun 13.30-14.00 Standar Pencatatan • Membangun pemahaman terhadap standar pencatatan dalam wawancara Pemahaman atas standar pencatatan dalam wawancara dengan fokus pada upaya menggali bukti perilaku yang memadai 14.00-15.00 Practice # 3 - Mengidentifikasi Informasi
  18. 18. Program Agenda 21 DAY ONE Behavioral Interview Time Session Topic Discussed Expected Outcome 15.00-16.00 Ketrampilan Wawancara • Observation dan Feedback Skills (Star Method) Pemahaman atas ketrampilan yang harus dimiliki dalam melakukan wawancara, terutama untuk menggali informasi yang dibutuhkan 16.00 – 16.15 Lunch Break and Prayer Time 16.00-17.00 Panduan Wawancara • Membangun pemahaman terhadap peran panduan standar dalam wawancara Pemahaman atas perlunya panduan standar dalam melakukan wawancara, sehingga informasi yang diperoleh mengacu pada informasi yang diperlukan 17.00 – 18.00 Practice # 4 – Wawancara Evaluation and Closing
  19. 19. Agenda Directors
  20. 20. Program Agenda Key Concepts and Techniques, and Reinforce Skills of Competencies based Interview Session 1 Focus on specific situations, such as enhancing technical with behavioral interviews, phone and digital interviews, or selling the job opportunity. Session2 Handle challenging interview situations, such as the overly prepared or inauthentic candidate. Session 3 Session 4 Apply advanced interview techniques through role-play with immediate instructor-feedback 2 Hours Behavioral Interview Training for Top Executives Course Outlines
  21. 21. Engagement Leader Behavioral Interview Bun Sucento, MBA. M.Mgt (Managing Director – IPDC) Proposed Training Facilitator Facilitator(s) Training Facilitator 25 Option # 1 Option # 2
  22. 22. Training Fees Based on our understanding and scope of work analysis, the following are our professional fees Program Duration Fees (IDR) – Total Max. Number of Participants in One Class Behavioral Interview for Managers / HR 1 Day Behavioral Interview for Directors 2 Hours The above quoted price described the following are included: • Professional facilitators • Development and Reproduction of Course Manual • Pre-Test and Post Test • Training Kit for all participants • Completion Certificates for all participants • Report of Activities and Assessment • Excusive Souvenir for Participants The quotation is excluded VAT 10% and training venue, but included PPh Service 27