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This presentation will help you discover and instantly access articles in the TEEAL collection installed at your institution.

Published in: Science
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  1. 1. Module 1b:Using TEEAL
  2. 2. Module 1b:Using TEEAL WELCOME TO TEEAL, WHERE THE WORLD’S PUBLISHED KNOWLEDGE IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS For this module, you will need the URL of the TEEAL server on your network.
  3. 3. Module 1b:Using TEEAL Get started now discovering and instantly accessing articles in the TEEAL collection installed at your institution.
  4. 4. Module 1b:Using TEEAL
  5. 5. Module 1b:Using TEEAL GET STARTED USING THE QUICK SEARCH BOX Type your search terms in the Quick Search box on the home page to instantly generate a list of article citations TIP: Try to avoid a very general search, such as farms, because that will slow down your search and your results may be too many and may not be very useful.
  6. 6. Module 1b:Using TEEAL Choose your articles from a list of search results Your results are displayed in a list of citations. Each citation gives you key information, such as article title, author, journal, and a snippet of the abstract. You can open the full citation for more details or go straight to the article.
  7. 7. Module 1b:Using TEEAL What’s in a citation? The full citation gives you a more in-depth description about your article. You can open your article from here, too.
  8. 8. Module 1b:Using TEEAL Are full articles provided by TEEAL? YES! Every citation links to its article. Articles open instantly because they are stored on a new class of small processing units. (TEEAL doesn’t use the internet.) TIP: If you have troubling opening an article, please consult your IT department and someone can help you check your TEEAL set up.
  9. 9. Module 1b:Using TEEAL Narrow your search Too many results? Results not relevant enough? Narrow your search results using the facet menu under ‘Limit your search.’ : author, year, journal title and more.
  10. 10. Module 1b:Using TEEAL Want to browse TEEAL’s collection? If you already have an article in mind, or wish to browse a journal, go to the Journals A-Z or Subjects A-Z tab. Expand the list of journals to see the years, volumes and article titles of a journal.
  11. 11. Module 1b:Using TEEAL
  12. 12. Module 1b:Using TEEAL You can also browse journals by language or discipline, using the ‘Browse Academic Journals’ menu on the top-right side.
  13. 13. Module 1b:Using TEEAL Browsing for Gates Foundation Research
  14. 14. Module 1b:Using TEEAL Bookmark citations Need to bookmark print it for later? Click on the Bookmark link TIP: You can select multiple citations in your Search Results to print or save.
  15. 15. Module 1b:Using TEEAL What have you already searched? Click on the Search History link at the top of the Results page to view your previous searches. You’ll see the amount of results per search. You can re-initiate a past search.
  16. 16. Module 1b:Using TEEAL Tips on searching Take a few minutes to review these helpful tips. Your search results will improve and you’ll save time!
  17. 17. Module 1b:Using TEEALModule 1a: Background and Introduction to TEEAL Practice time! Browse for article • Try browsing for an article. • Here’s an article: – In Livestock Science 2006, Volume 102, Issue 1-2 – Locate in the Table of Contents this article: Effect of feeding Yucca schidigera extract on performance of lactating dairy cows and ruminal fermentation parameters in steers
  18. 18. Module 1b:Using TEEAL Need more help? Answers to most of your questions can be found in the Help tab, along with best-practices for getting the best search results.
  19. 19. Module 1b:Using TEEAL Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to increase your knowledge on TEEAL. Move on to Module1 Exercises