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Companies don't need to suck at social media.

This is a presentation that I gave at the Think International IV event - Copenhagen - Mar, 2011. The presentation has been modified i.e. text added, substituting me talking. Love to hear your feedback.

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Companies don't need to suck at social media.

  1. 1. NI ES PA ED COM NE N ’T AT DO UCK O S AL T CI ! SO IA M EDPresenta(on  made  for  Think  Interna(onal  IV  -­‐  Copenhagen
  2. 2. eople and sp way ate, wo s isrk,The u nic lve m se ize them changi organ entally und am f
  3. 3. The ways people communicate, work, and organize themselves are fundamentally changing. And the change is visual.And thechange isvisual.
  4. 4. What makessocial mediadi erent?
  5. 5. REACH
  6. 6. Social media is decentralized and ableto reach all corners of the world.Just look at what has happened lately,#egypt, #christchurch, #libya and#japan.
  8. 8. The means of production for socialmedia is not owned by governments orprivate organizations. The tools areavailable to everyone for free or littlecost.
  10. 10. Social media has few barriers as anyonewith the ability to use a computer or amobile phone can create content and beproducers of social media.
  11. 11. IMMEDIACY
  12. 12. Social media allows for instantaneouscreation and response.
  13. 13. PERMANENCE
  14. 14. Unlike traditional media, social mediaallows for instantaneous editing,sharing or commenting.
  15. 15. Ok, so now we’ve established whatsocial media is I’m going to focus onVideo and why....
  16. 16. Video isthe newblack
  17. 17. and howit’s Humanizing the web
  18. 18. Video isn’t going to disrupt corporatemarketing some time in the futureIT ALREADYIS!
  20. 20. ‣For social marketing, online video is second only to Facebook for % of people using it. (Source: Content Caboodle)
  21. 21. ‣Cisco: By 2013 Video Will Be 90 Percent Of All Consumer IP Tra c And 64 Percent of Mobile
  22. 22. Don’t becaughtunaware... What’s   that  bright   shiny  light?
  23. 23. Video can beused for almostanything
  24. 24. Now, let’s see what video can actuallydo for an organization.
  25. 25. ENGAGEMENT NEWSLETTER CLICK-THROUGH771.262 17.4%Minutes of engagement Higher click-throughs in newsletters with videoVIDEO LINK RECORD EMBEDS10x 112More popular to click on video link than Number of sites that embed theirthe next-most popular link in newsletter videos including’s own(Source: 23 Video) search engine result page
  26. 26. SALES INCREASE SALES 201030% 1.2BUsing videos to describe and Zappos’ CEO attributes this success todemonstrate products online video: “Products with accompanying video sell better”CURRENT VIDEOS GOAL FOR 20118,000 50,000They feature employees instead of Zappos strive to have even more videosactors or models next year, and they will need around 10(Source: Zappos) studios.
  27. 27. ENGAGEMENT PRODUCT VIEWS3 mil 3x 3x product viewsMinutes of engagement when supported with videoREPEAT VISITS SALES INCREASE2x 23%Double repeats compared with website 23% higher basket/check out valueonly visits. Also double dwell times.(Source: TubeMogul)
  28. 28. CASES
  29. 29. This  danish  Ecommerce  store,  uses  video  as  a  key  sales  tool  by   providing  viewers  with  unbiased  and  engaging  product  reviews.Community Building
  30. 30. They  have  also  have  built  a  strong  community  of  engaged  users,   by  le?ng  them  submit  their  own  product  reviews,  allowing  users   to  build  their  own  social  authority  within  the  community.Community Building
  31. 31. Carlsberg  gives  their  fans  a  place  to  share  themselves.  User Generated Content
  32. 32. Other  viewers  can  then  vote  and  share  the  videos  around  the  web. User Generated Content
  33. 33. Saxo  Bank  is  trying  to  become  a  thought  leader  and  resource   for  their  customers  and  potenEal  customers.Demand Driven Content
  34. 34. Novozymes  use  video  to  ensure  their  stakeholders,  both  external  &   internal,  get  a  chance  see  who  they  are  and  how  they  do  things.Stakeholder Communication
  35. 35. TED  and  their  sponsors  have  realized  that  the  audience  isn’t  just  limited  to  those  people  that  aKend.  Audience Extension
  36. 36. Audience Extension
  37. 37. To  help  determine  which  frames  suit  them,  this  danish   optometrist  allows  customers  to  share  video  with  friends.  Creating Social Objects
  38. 38. Kilroy  uses  video  produced  by  students  for  students.Connecting your audience
  39. 39. How do you know if it’s working? ... and how can you keep improving?
  40. 40. See  all  your  video  assets  &  key  staEsEcsVisual overview
  41. 41. Understand  how  your  videosite  is  performingQuantify user engagement
  42. 42. See  where  your  video  are  ge?ng  the  most  playsTrack clips across the social web
  43. 43. Understand  your  videos  performanceDrill-down reporting
  44. 44. Discover  where  in  the  video  people  stop  watchingDrop-o rates
  45. 45. Set  up  your  videosite  to  automaEcally  distribute  your   content  to  your  various  social  media  channelsDistribution to all your channels
  46. 46. RECAPVideo is the new black.‣Build a community‣Allow users to create content for you‣Be a thought leader‣Engage your stakeholders‣Extend your audience‣Create social objects‣Connect with your audience‣Measure, analyze and improve
  47. 47. Try 23 Video yourself at23video.comAnd see how we humanize the web.
  48. 48. Gus // // @ideasoutloudSte en // ste // @ste entchr