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Qb free-money



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Qb free-money

  1. 1. Making a Mint on the Content You’ve Already Created<br />Julie Schoenfeld, CEO, PerfectMarket<br />@schoenfeldj<br />
  2. 2. Content Matters<br />The Web is a noisy place. A good brand can be a signal in the noise.<br />@schoenfeldj<br />
  3. 3. Content Matters<br />Think of every article you produce as a deposit in the vault that yields dividends over time.<br />@schoenfeldj<br />
  4. 4. Content Matters<br />
  5. 5. Intent<br />Brand <br />UserClassifier<br />Web User<br /><ul><li>Intent-driven page layout
  6. 6. CPC ads target user intent
  7. 7. Links focus on search intent
  8. 8. Current page layout
  9. 9. Display revenue from engagement
  10. 10. Links drive user horizontally</li></ul>5<br />Context Matters<br />
  11. 11. Tech Matters<br />Content needs a technology “wrapper” to attract valuable traffic<br />@schoenfeldj<br />
  12. 12. Value Clusters: What’s an Article Worth?<br /><ul><li> High CPC value (RPM)
  13. 13. Ongoing interest from search and social users</li></ul>7<br />
  14. 14. Use Revenue Insights When Creating Content<br />8<br />
  15. 15. SEO/SMO with Revenue in Mind<br />Publisher Content<br />Analyze Data to Understand Value Clusters…<br />…And Use Data to Intelligently:<br />Identify and PackageContent<br />DistributeEnhancedContent<br />Monetize ContentEffectively<br />9<br />
  16. 16. Results: High RPMs from Intent Traffic<br />10<br />
  17. 17. In Summary<br />Content Matters<br />Higher quality content deserves a second life<br />Brand can be a signal in the noise<br />Context Matters<br />Package content differently based on context<br />Tech Matters<br />Make sure you know what users do with that content<br />Wrap content in a layer of technology<br />Be able to identify, distribute and monetize content<br />@schoenfeldj<br />
  18. 18. Making a Mint on Content You’ve Already Created<br />Julie Schoenfeld, CEO, PerfectMarket<br />@schoenfeldj<br />

Editor's Notes

  • Brand publishers create great content, then tend to forget it. There’s a second life for it out there on search, social, blogsand mobile networks.
  • How to do this?First, recognize that ‘today’s news’ is print thinking. In a digital economy, publishers should focus on the value of a storyover time.Say on Sunday, a newspaper site publishes a story about what to pack for Buenos Aires, That stpry is relevant to travelers long after the point of publication. But what is thenewspaper doing to ensure people can find it? And how are they selling ads against it?
  • At Perfect Market, working with newspapers like the LA Times, we’ve seen that a lot of content has far more value than publishers expected.A breaking story like the Nicolas Cage foreclosure can make more money in the first news cycle with focused SEO, SMO and well targeted contextual ads. Other stories like marijuana legalizationstarted smaller, but have longer-term payoffbecause they are topics of ongoing interest. AND THE COST OF KEEPING THESE ARTICLES ‘ON THE SHELF’ is ZERO.  [IF NEEDED HERE - HOW WE DO IT: Identifying content with high contextual advertising value and high interest for search and social users is key. We look at revenue per keyword – in this case, AdSense – to ensure there are advertisers. Then we look at popular search terms. Then we find relevant content in the library. Then we promote it over time with SEO and SMO.]
  • UNDERSTAND YOUR DEMAND PROFILEOne thing wedo is to package the content based on user intent. In this LA Times case, a SEARCH user who Googles “leviathan” reaches the version on the right, which emphasizes related stories about killer sharks and ads about maritime first aid
  • TO DO ALL THIS, YOU NEED TECHNOLOGY to SEO articles and other content with revenue opportunity in mind.SEO directors’ mission in life has been to drive traffic – any traffic. But with more data in hand and the right publishing technology, their new mission can be to drive valuable traffic.
  • Identifying content with high contextual advertising value and high interest for search and social users is key.
  • Driving Valuable Content Drives Revenue
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