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Cruise industry

The presentation is all about:
1. Parts of the Cruiseship
2.Major Cruise liners
3.What Cruise Sold?
4. Most Popular places to Cruise

Mancini, Marc Ph.D. (2012)
Access, Introduction to Travel and Tourism
Hiyas Press Inc.

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Cruise industry

  1. 1. Cruise Industry Mr. Jeffrey Palma Tourism Instructor
  2. 2. Port Starboard Stern Bow Stabilizer Berth
  3. 3. Cruise Liners Offers a value- priced itineraries and operate large or sometime huge vessels can accommodate fro 1,000 to 5,000 passenger
  4. 4. What Cruises Cost? • The higher the deck thee stateroom is located on, the greater the cruise price will be. • Outside (called ocean-view) rooms staterooms cost more than inside staterooms (which usually windowless).
  5. 5. What Cruises Cost? • An outside stateroom with a verandah cost more than an ocean- view room. • Larger staterooms are typically priced higher than smaller ones. • Passengers can often lower the price of a cruise by booking six to nine months in advance.
  6. 6. Most Popular Places to Cruise The Caribbean is the world’s popular place to cruise. Followed by: 1. Europe 2. Alaska 3. Panama Canal 4. South America 5. United States / Canada 6. Bermuda Triangle
  7. 7. How Cruises Are Sold? 1. Tour Companies offer cruise through their brochures, mailings and websites. 2. Cruise consolidators buy blocks of staterooms from cruise line, sometimes at the last minute and offer them to the public at a discounted price.