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Canvas8 Expert Outlook 2020

Speaking out on mental health, standing up for Mother Nature, and rallying for trans rights – 2019 was a year defined by protest. Our 42 experts predict it won’t stop there. In 2020, people will pick up their placards, demand their voices are heard and make change happen.

The Expert Outlook Report 2020 delivers a comprehensive summary of 42 future-facing perspectives from the world’s most relevant experts, analysing key developments across 14 sectors. Get ahead and access our behavioural analysis on the social, cultural and commercial shifts expected in the upcoming year.

Download the full report to receive industry-leading analysis and expert opinions covering shopping, eating and drinking, technology, money, and more in the global market.


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Canvas8 Expert Outlook 2020

  1. 1. EXPERT OUTLOOK 2020 HEAR ME! 42 Expert Perspectives
  2. 2. We interviewed 42 experts from the Canvas8 network about the key trends influencing consumer behaviour across 14 sectors in 2020... EXPERT OUTLOOK 2020
  3. 3. In our always-on culture where we are trying to outwit the lack of hours in the day, people are time-poor and want more playtime. In 2020 we will see a rise in multi-task, one-product-does-all items and a stripping down of beauty regimes. These products save space, money, and time. In terms of cosmetics, we will see products that can be used as anything from foundation to eyeshadow and eyeliner to blush. “ Miracles MultitaskMultiMultiMulti People will choose beauty products that work for them Beauty Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Fiona Klonarides Founder of the Beauty Shortlist Awards
  4. 4. 2020 will be about cosmetics with a purpose. When you think about the word skincare, it’s about caring for your skin, caring for who you are. We can’t just think of a product as a product, it needs to inspire a visceral reaction. Within this context, there is room for traditional male brands to pivot and not be so hyper-masculine. Brands can’t just rest on their laurels, they have to have a social mission. “ People will buy from brands that make them feel connected Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! David Yi Founder of Very Good Light Beauty
  5. 5. Clean beauty is generally known for being very neutral in appearance, but we’re at a place where there are no rules in beauty. People want to experiment with colour, to be bold in the eyes, but balance it out with something fresh on the face. A key trend to watch in 2020 will be clean colour – in terms of having non-toxic products, eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing, and more colour options to give consumers choice. “ People will rewrite outdated beauty rules Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Mi-Anne Chan Beauty writer and video director Beauty
  6. 6. This Slideshare is a part of the larger 2020 Expert Outlook Report by Canvas8. Click the link to receive your free download of the full report. DOWNLOAD NOW
  7. 7. Otegha Uwagba Next year, people will continue to feel dissatisfied with existing workplace structures. Not everyone at work has a mentor to help them progress, especially among the increasing numbers of people who are self-employed. They have to look after their own professional development and they need resources to support this. So, people are creating networks of peers to support one another. Newsletters and podcasts are helping people learn about topics such as finding fulfilment at work. “ People will create their own support networks Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! How to.... Digital Mentors Founder of Women Who Careers
  8. 8. Peter Hirst 2020 will be a tipping point for tech adoption in the workplace. Everyone’s work is now being touched by technology. We’ll start to see jobs in sectors that focus on skills and knowledge being replaced or changing. Those who aren’t prepared may find this disempowering or dehumanising. Previously, those in knowledge work thought they would retire before this change came about, but with tech moving so quickly, they are having to reassess. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Senior associate dean at MIT Sloan School of Management Employees will feel disempowered by tech advances <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <h1>Technically</h1> <p>Relevant.</p> </body> </html> Careers
  9. 9. Isabel Farchy One big change we are seeing is the rise of apprenticeships. This is going to change whether or not students choose to go to university as it allows them to find more applicable skills by entering the workplace straight away. Typically, apprenticeships have been seen as secondary to universities, but as big, aspirational companies like Google and Sky invest in them, they are becoming more competitive. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Founding director of the Creative Mentor Network Students will show more interest in apprenticeships GoVocational Go Careers
  10. 10. Janek Seevaratnam There are so many crises that we are facing at this moment in time. Perhaps the biggest is the climate crisis. Brands are doing positive things but it’s hard to tell what is part of brand activity and what is actually happening on the ground. Having good intentions as a business is a positive thing, but the pace of change isn’t quick enough anymore. It’s about converting that into immediate action. “ People will expect rapid results from CSR efforts Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Senior corporate adviser for the Charities Aid Foundation ACTION MMEDIATE Citizenship
  11. 11. In 2020, people will show a growing awareness of intersectionality. They will feel more comfortable demanding that media outlets and brands cater to the diverse audiences they have. One of the battlegrounds within intersectionality is the effort to clarify what it means and strengthen its meaning rather than weakening it. This is especially important as it has been adopted in the European context, rather than having a global perspective of intersectionality. “ People will demand brands pay attention to intersectionality Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Intersectional Focusoo Kadian Pow Sociology and black studies lecturer at Birmingham City University Citizenship
  12. 12. Energy Energy Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Dr. Ruth Mourik Founder of DuneWorks People will take greater control over their resources Democratic Energy We are seeing people create bottom-up initiatives. In energy, for example, people are starting to generate, distribute, and store their own energy. It’s a decentralised system and a way to improve the democracy of the energy system, because people want more control and less dependency on external sources. Leading the way is Loenen in the Netherlands, which is aiming to become one of the first communities to control a ‘virtual power plant’. “ Citizenship
  13. 13. People will think about their communications in an additive kind of way. They won’t walk away from one platform entirely but begin to use it in different or less intimate ways as they find platforms that serve them and their communication needs better. As Facebook has become more popular with everybody around the world, young adults and teenagers have transitioned some of their most intimate, sensitive, and community-based communications to other platforms like Snapchat. “ People will pick and choose platforms that are fit for purpose Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Platform Perfection Perfection Perfection Lee Rainie Director of internet and technology research at Pew Research Center Communications
  14. 14. Social media brings with it a very relaxed communication style whether you’re a celebrity or a brand or a regular nine-to- five person. Next year, it will be simpler for people to engage with those they don’t know but might admire, whether that’s a celeb or an influencer. Cameo, for example, is an app where people can request a shout- out or a message from a celebrity, athlete, or influencer. It’s the logical extension of influencer culture. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Jacob Quirke Senior account manager at JC Social Media People will expect direct conversations with influencers Celebrity Connections Communications
  15. 15. People want to feel spoken to by brands online, that their needs are being addressed and that they are the hero in that story – not the brand. A lot of brands have been using social media as a blowhorn to yell at people for the past few years, but it isn’t working. We will see a shift towards brands trying to serve their customers more in order to create engagement and empathy. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Claire Diaz-Ortiz Keynote speaker and social media expert People will want brands to speak to them personably on social media Familiar Conversations Communications
  16. 16. Financial and health concerns and family commitments mean that people are eating and drinking at home more often. Those who are really passionate about drinks and would normally go out to a really good bar expecting to drink a great cocktail will want something similar at home. Drinks businesses are responding by creating products that allow people to replicate the bar experience at home. “ People will turn their living rooms into cocktail bars Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Dr. Jacopo Mazzeo News editor at Imbibe Sipping In Eating and Drinking
  17. 17. Technological advances mean we can now engineer foods to be the ‘best versions of themselves’. I’ve been following the Cosmic Crisp apple, which has just launched in America. It’s taken 20 years to create the ‘perfect’ apple that can be transported with no bruising and all the crispness of a Red Delicious, but (apparently) with flavour. We’re seeing food brands place more of a priority on qualities like durability and use of energy resources. “ People will be excited to try augmented food Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me!Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Enhanced Eats Enhanced Eats Dr. Signe Rousseau Food and social media author Eating and Drinking
  18. 18. People are interested in the story behind their dish. They’re less concerned about the individual food item that’s trendy and more interested in the way that people are treated. What does the company stand for? How are they treating the staff? How are they treating the planet? There’s a shift wherein people care about all the ingredients that go into a company, such as worker welfare, where food is sourced from, and the company’s values. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me!Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Dana Cowin Culinary consultant and host of the Speaking Broadly podcast People will expect food brands to be virtuous Ethical Ingredients • Ethical Ingredients • Ethical Ingredients • Ethical Ingredients • Ethical Ingredients • Ethical Ingredients • Ethical Ingredients • Ethical Ingredients • Ethical Ingredients • Ethical Ingredients Eating and Drinking
  19. 19. Consumers are getting fed up with too much choice and too much change. We have just been through an intense period of innovation in urban transport and next year there will be a period of reckoning and consolidation. Public transport providers will be getting back into the driving seat and making more of an effort to provide bespoke solutions that work in favour of the people who live and work in cities. “ People will use trusted transit solutions Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Dr. Philipp Rode Executive director of LSE Cities Innovation Public Getting Around
  20. 20. There’s increasing pressure on transport brands to respond to environmental issues. In 2020, we’re going to see more investment by governments in railways as part of their plans to tackle climate change. European railways have seen a big increase in bookings and, at least in Scandinavia, airlines have seen a decline in bookings due to the growing ‘flight shame’ movement. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Jonathan English Consultant on urban infrastructure People will take the train to avoid ‘flight shame’ On Track Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track n Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track Getting Around
  21. 21. The current urban transport system wasn’t designed with the elderly or the female experience in mind – it was designed for the average adult male doing an average trip. In 2020, brands will try to understand the reality of different groups and stop thinking of transport as neutral. We have all these discussions about smart cities, but do we then have a smart understanding about what cities need? “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Clarisse Cunha Linke Director at ITDP Brazil People will expect city transport solutions to be inclusive Journeys Di veRs e Getting Around
  22. 22. The healthcare system – wherever you are – is one of the most complicated things to navigate. However, modern health tech is allowing people to read, research, self- educate, and ask more questions than ever before. Individuals want instant access to their medical records and healthcare information. Finding a technological solution to facilitate this for patients and providers is going to be critical in 2020. “ People will be empowered to collaborate in their healthcare Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Claire Snyman Author and advocate for healthcare collaboration ME Dr. ME Health and Fitness
  23. 23. The days of the hour-long workout are gone – it’s all about five-minute ‘micro-workouts’. Before, people felt compelled to work out for an hour since they invested time in getting to the gym. When exercising at home, which is going to be big for 2020, they don’t feel the need to spend a full hour. As more supporting research is published, busy people are implementing shorter workouts into their day. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Tom Holland Certified sports nutritionist and founder of TeamHolland LLC People will exercise in short, sharp bursts Micro Micro Micro Micro Micro Micro Movements Health and Fitness
  24. 24. Removing the shame surrounding pleasure and women’s bodies is going to be important for 2020. Women are becoming more open to discussing sexual and menstrual health at every point of their life, from menstruation to menopause. They are more confident in finding the right sexual and menstrual products for them. This shift is being led by movements such as #MeToo and increased body awareness and the younger generation’s access to knowledge through online resources. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Women will shed the shame around vaginal health Dominnique Karetsos Co-founder of the Healthy Pleasure Collective Health and Fitness
  25. 25. This Slideshare is a part of the larger 2020 Expert Outlook Report by Canvas8. Click the link to receive your free download of the full report. DOWNLOAD NOW
  26. 26. In December 2019, Emma Watson told British Vogue: “I’m very happy being single. I call it being self-partnered.” Her words spoke to a broader trend of single-positivity among unpartnered people, who are fed up with being treated like losers and with the narrative that there’s something wrong with being single. In 2020, singleness will be rebranded and dating apps will need to shift away from the assumption that their apps are a solution to loneliness. “ People will change the narrative around being single Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Nichi Hodgson Author of The Curious History of Dating SINGLE Celebration Home and Relationships
  27. 27. Increasing awareness of climate change is seeing people place greater value on the sourcing and ethics of their purchases than ever before. This means that in 2020, buying will be more considered as people try to shift away from a throwaway mentality. Recycled materials will be huge in this context. Designers and homemakers are experimenting with recycled fabrics and sustainable materials, such as floor tiles made out of corn. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Pippa Jameson Founder of Pippa Jameson Interiors People will want their green ideals reflected in the home RECYC LED Reside nces Home and Relationships
  28. 28. In the age of social media, the family has become a matter of personal project and public performance. The gender reveal party for instance has exploded as people seek to perform family rituals to a wider audience. On the flip side, one of the reasons that we’ve seen a decline in marriage could be that people are more self-conscious. If their wedding’s not impressive enough or they’re not proud of their partner, they’re less likely to get married. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Dr. Philip N. Cohen Sociologist and demographer People will make family life a public display Family Performance Canvas8 London, NYC, LA Home and Relationships
  29. 29. Pre-owned luxury is turning the industry on its head. In fashion specifically, the second- hand market is growing 21 times faster than the overall luxury sector. Both Stella McCartney and Burberry have partnered with The RealReal, which is a breakthrough because previously people wouldn’t have spoken about what happened to pre-owned clothing. People are looking for easier ways to resell and buy luxury items, and they also want a high level of reassurance because of the price tag. “ People will look for secure ways to resell luxury Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Claire Adler Luxury public relations and writing consultant Educated ResaleResaleResaleResaleResaleResale Luxury
  30. 30. The definition of luxury has changed – it’s like the ground underneath the market has completely shifted and now the consumer is in control. It opens the door for new designers who are willing to go against tradition. For example, luxury streetwear brand Madhappy puts a focus on mental health through its positive slogans and messaging. In 2020, we’re going to see more brands taking chances with new collaborations that don’t feel so obvious. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Pamela Danziger Founder of Unity Marketing People will define what luxury means to them Interpretation Luxury
  31. 31. In 2020, Chinese shoppers will expect global luxury brands to be culturally sensitive when trying to enter the market. Within markets such as China, international brands can showcase their prestige while integrating into local culture by harnessing local influencers, which can also help to avoid cultural offence. These should be real cultural influencers, not just based on follower numbers. Whether it’s a designer, artist, creative, or community figure, it needs to be somebody who’s achieved something. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Nick Withycombe Director of The Luxury Conversation People will define what luxury means to them Cultural status Luxury
  32. 32. Streaming on Netflix is becoming the thing that people do every day rather than turning on the TV. People don’t want to spend 20 minutes searching for something to watch. Instead, Netflix uses data to curate relevant content which facilitates much faster decision- making. People will watch B+ content on Netflix versus A content on other services where they have to sit through commercials. “ People will look for smoother ways to navigate media Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Dr. Amanda Lotz Professor of digital media and communication at Queensland University of Technology Intuitive Streaming Media and Entertainment
  33. 33. 2020 will see people listen to podcasts on different platforms. Younger people typically listen to short podcasts, but the types of devices they choose are crucial to shaping habits. People are starting to listen in their cars. They’re waking up, getting in their car, and turning on a podcast – not the radio. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! James Cridland Radio futurologist People will listen to podcasts on all sorts of platforms Podcasting Always Podcasting Podcasting Podcasting Media and Entertainment
  34. 34. People are short on time and want to consume media on the go, so media companies will look to curate linear narratives in more chunk-able segments. Think ten-minute episodes instead of 30-minute episodes so that people can watch things on public transport or while they are waiting in line. As a result, people won’t feel so bad about binge-watching. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Dr. Pamela Rutledge Director of the Media Psychology Research Center People will not be ashamed to binge-watch Easy Bingeing Media and Entertainment
  35. 35. As fintech brands continue to compete with traditional banks, more people will try out some of these innovators. But they won’t necessarily use them as their main service provider. In response, we will see mainstream banks start to figure out how to work with fintech start-ups, invest in them, nurture them, mentor them, and compete with them. “ People will experiment with fintech start-ups Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Chris Skinner Financial markets and fintech commentator Pick & M i x Money
  36. 36. People are becoming more comfortable using digital tools in banking, but simply being ‘digital’ has become table stakes. Digital tools and apps need to create new value for customers. For example, financial institutions should leverage emerging technologies to help people with financial planning. Conversational AI has the potential to garner insights on how consumers go about their daily lives, and such information can be used to forecast what needs to be done to help them achieve their future financial goals. “ Theodora Lau Founder of Unconventional Ventures People will want digital tools to help them predict their finances Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Future Plans Money
  37. 37. We are recognising how much our money affects our emotions – everything from the relief we feel when we get paid to the stress when we’re worried that our card is going to be declined. We’re also realising that we can talk to each other about money rather than suffering in silence. In 2020, we’re going to see more services that look at what they can do to ease the burden that finances can have on people’s mental health. “ Alex Holder Author of Open Up: The Power of Talking about Money Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! People will want transparent conversations about money O P E N Discussions Money
  38. 38. In 2020 people are going to direct what shopping looks like based on their existing habits. Shoppers want brands to reduce the friction of getting from point A to point B. It means that technology is leading to a complete shake-up of buying habits. For example, people will not only buy using their voice but also research and browse. “ People will expect brands to adapt experiences to them Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Nicole Leinbach Reyhle Founder of Retail Minded CUSTOMER CONTROL Shopping
  39. 39. Convenience is important but, as human beings, we also desire the sensory stimulation, ambience, human interaction, and instant gratification of good merchandising that come from an in-store experience. So, trained and helpful sales associates are really important. To succeed, brands need to satisfy both the rational part of people – which involves providing good value for money, fair pricing, and convenience – as well as their emotional, experiential side. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Dr. Sharmila C. Chatterjee Senior lecturer in marketing at MIT Sloan School of Management People will shop for brands with emotional appeal Human Needs Shopping
  40. 40. When given the choice between buying from a company with purpose and one without, it’s obvious that consumers would rather buy from one with a mission – as long as it’s authentic. It’s tough for existing companies to bring something like that in, but it’s not impossible. In 2020, brands will try to authentically build purpose into their businesses. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Glynn Davis Editor and founder of Retail Insider People will buy brands that have an authentic purpose REAL MISSIONS Shopping
  41. 41. With sales of smartphones stalling, the concept of the phone – which is essentially a pocket supercomputer at this point – as a handheld device may be on its way out. As a species, we like to be hands-free so we can multitask. While people bemoaned Google Glass when it was released, the popularity of outsourcing mobile functions to devices such as the Apple Watch and Bluetooth headsets has laid the foundation for a more concrete shift away from handheld tech. “ People will want tech to be hands-free Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Marc Palatucci Associate at the Future Today InstituteN H A N D S O Technology
  42. 42. Loneliness is an ever-increasing worldwide epidemic but care services are under strain. People’s needs aren’t being met and as they see technology as more capable, they will look to it to fill this gap. For example, ElliQ is a companion sidekick for the elderly, helping them manage day-to-day tasks. Looking forward, these kinds of devices will get more proactive and offer emotional support and advice. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Robotics expert and futurist People will look to technology to fulfil emotional needs Robotics Robotics Relational Relational Joanne Pransky Technology
  43. 43. In 2020, we will see a demand for digital wellbeing to become a proactive part of our tech-based interactions. Twenty-minute phone breaks or simpler interfaces to reduce anxiety will increasingly be built into handsets and software. Within the world of social media, we will see a drive towards promoting healthy tech use and cutting addiction cycles. We’re going to start to see a lot more of these platforms taking numbers out by hiding the number of likes or followers. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Cyber-security consultant Greig Paul People will look for tech brands to promote healthy use InteractionsBalanced Technology
  44. 44. People are seeking experiences that don’t just entertain but which can permanently change them in some way. These people feel time-pressured and they don’t want to waste their valuable leisure time. These could be experiences that allow people to gain knowledge or take part in activities that benefit the health of the mind and body. It means that leisure businesses will have to start offering more variety. “ People will want experiences to change their perspective Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Randy White CEO of the White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group TRANSFORMATION HUNTERS Travel and Leisure
  45. 45. Luxury travellers want to invest in their bucket lists, in extended travel such as multi-country sabbaticals. They are investing in their memories and want to feed their passions when they travel, including art and design, food, adventure, and history. They have financial planners, personal trainers, and now a travel adviser to satisfy their need for knowledge and growth. “ Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Jen Barr Director of content strategy at Indagare People will look to technology to fulfil emotional needs Memory Makers Travel and Leisure
  46. 46. Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me! Travellers will want to stay in hotels they feel good about. So, 2020 will be about giving people the information and agency to choose sustainable options. Hotels are often located in beautiful places but it becomes a balancing act to maintain a natural sense of beauty while still offering travellers everything they expect, such as food from other countries or bottled water. In 2020, people will call brands out on green-washing and demand tangible evidence of sustainable practices. “ Managing editor of Hotels Barbara Bohn Stays Stays Stays Sustainable Stays Sustainable Sustainable Sustainable People will choose hotels with impeccable ethics Travel and Leisure
  47. 47. This Slideshare is a part of the larger 2020 Expert Outlook Report by Canvas8. Click the link to receive your free download of the full report. DOWNLOAD NOW
  48. 48. EXPERT OUTLOOK 2020 HEAR ME! 42 Expert Perspectives Canvas8 Canvas8