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Levin Health Care, Meerut, Health Care Products Jewellery


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Manufacturer and Exporter of Titanium Magnetic Bracelets, Titanium Magnetic Bracelets, Multi Functional Ozonizer, Quantum Health Analyser.

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Levin Health Care, Meerut, Health Care Products Jewellery

  1. 1. We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality HerbalHealth Products as a solution to different health problems of our customers. Wealso offer Titanium Bracelets, Health Care Equipment and Scalar EnergyPendant.
  2. 2. - About Us -Levin Health Care is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of anefficient range of Herbal Health products. Our product range includes BioMagnetic Titanium Bracelet, Detox Foot Spa, Health Care Equipments, ScalarPendant, Detox Foot Patches and Nano Flask.Understanding the needs of health management of people in the world full ofdisease and pollution, we started manufacturing herbal health products in theyear, 2000. Our products are manufactured hygienically having a blend of latestscience and nature in it.Located in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, we own a spacious state-of-the-artinfrastructure equipped with latest production machineries, laboratory unit,warehouse and packaging unit. The latest technical aspects are of a great helpto us in conducting proper research and manufacture the products with accuratecomposition.Researchers, ayurvedacharyas, technocrats and medical experts working with ushold vast experience in their core domain and work with dedication to servepeople in the best possible way. These people also take great pleasure in makinga holistic approach while producing the products.Our products are manufactured using premium quality raw materials procuredfrom best vendors of the world and are quality tested several times to ensurequality of international standards. The stringent tests start from the time of rawmaterial procurement and end after the product is ready for delivery at client’splace.We have the abilities to customize our products as per the demand of ourclient’s and can offer those in stipulated time frame at competitive prices.
  3. 3. Magnetic Bracelets:Manufacturer and exporter of Titanium Bracelets. our product range includes gold titaniumbracelets, titanium and gold bracelets. Some of the titanium bracelets scalar benefits arethey enhance circulation, reduces inflammation and help to retard aging process. We offerpair of titanium bracelets in family pack and they are provided along with box. Magnetic Bracelet Titanium Magnetic Bracelets Magnetic Bracelets Titanium Magnetic Bracelets
  4. 4. Health Care Equipment:We are one of the most reliable manufacturers of Health Care Equipment. These productsare made using superior quality raw material. Our products kill living micro organism andvarious germs in fruits, vegetables, meat and in every food material. We also offerOzoniser, circular enhancer and MFST Nano wand in Health Care Equipment. Multi Functional Ozonizer Circulation Enhancer / Circulation Booster/ECM Machine Ozonizer Quantum Health Analyser
  5. 5. Quantum Pendant:Manufacturer and exporter of Scalar Energy Pendant. Our product range includes diamondscalar quantum pendant, scalar quantum energy - pendant lava, rectangle scalar energypendant and round scalar energy pendant. They promote positive flow of energy to enhancegood health, restore weak energy in the body and to maintain steriometric energy balance. Scalar Energy Pendant Quantum Pendant Quantum Pendant Quantum Energy Pendant
  6. 6. Foot Spa:Our Detox Foot Spa are realistically priced which uses an electrically generated ionic waterprocess which stimulate the body. The treatment is normally given by soaking your feet inwater with salt added to aid the conductivity of the water. Then, low electrical current istransmitted through two electrodes. It also offers Dual Fir Spa. Detox Array Dual Detox Foot Spa Foot Spa Detox Foot Spa
  7. 7. Ozonizer:Benefits of the product are as follows : ( Chemical Ka Dushman-- Sehat Ka Doshat ) Immediately remove 80% to 95% pesticides / Chemicals from Vegetables.It creates free radicals that break chemical bonds in an oxidative chain reaction, usually as a means to kill bacteria and other pathogens. Food Saver / Ozone Liana A-93 Ozonizer Disinfector / Ozone Generator Ozonizer
  8. 8. Ayurvedic Medicine:Lexicon Health Care is an Leading Manufacturer of Ayurvedic or Herbal Product range.1. Levin Health Care ( Trading ).2. Lexicon Health Care ( Manufacturing )3. Liana Health Care Pvt Ltd. ( Manufacturing )Ayurveda Doest Mean Collection of Herbs or Powder in Capsules. , The Real Facts Lies inProcessing of Herbs in Milk and oil with Proper tradtional methods. Sultan Sex Power Capsule Osto Massage Oil ( Joint ( 60 ) And Sultan Sex Pain Oil ) Power Oil-15 ML Liana Tulsi Amrit Liana Diabetic Revive Tumbler
  9. 9. Other Products: Nano Flask / Nano Energy Nano Cup Cup Detox Foot Patches Face Wand
  10. 10. Other Products: Nano Wand Washing Balls Washing Ball Anti Radiation Mobile Chip
  11. 11. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2001Nature of Business Manufacturer TraderTotal Number of Upto 10 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Australia/NZ Indian Subcontinent Caribbean East/Middle Africa North Africa South/West Africa East Europe East Asia Central America North Europe Middle East South America South/West Europe South East Asia North America
  12. 12. - Contact Us - Contact Details:Levin Health CareDr. Surjeet SinghC-9 , Sector-3 , Ansal, Sushant City, Delhi-Haridwar By Pass RoadMeerut, Uttar Pradesh - 250 001, IndiaWebsite: