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Target Audience Presentation (Short film)

Target audience presentation for our A2 short film.

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Target Audience Presentation (Short film)

  1. 1. Target Audience And how we are going to attract them Wednesday, 26 November 14
  2. 2. Who is the target audience of short films? Wednesday, 26 November 14
  3. 3. Gender • Roughly 50/50 male/female split. • Higher number of women studying creative arts. • Short films tend to be aimed slightly more towards them. • As a result, far less use of the male gaze. > See the ‘Male Gaze Theory’ presentation. Wednesday, 26 November 14
  4. 4. Age • Film students often looking for inspiration in other filmmaker’s work • Short films often shared on social media, which is dominated by young people • 15–30 year-olds Wednesday, 26 November 14
  5. 5. Social Class Higher social classes are more likely to be interested in watching short films, as they tend to address social issues (e.g. politics) which lower classes are often not as interested in. Wednesday, 26 November 14
  6. 6. Psychographics Succeeders: Film enthusiasts that are often already successful on the film industry, visiting film festivals and looking for talented filmmakers. Aspirers: Film enthusiasts, often young, who seek inspiration from other filmmaker’s work, hoping to break into the film industry themselves. Individualists: Can often identify with niche topics that are the subject of short films. Wednesday, 26 November 14
  7. 7. To sum it up: Short films mostly target young, bright film enthusiasts, both male and female. It is important to understand that, unlike feature length films, short films do not target a broad, but a niche audience. Wednesday, 26 November 14
  8. 8. Our Target Audience Based on our research, this is the audience that we are targeting: • 60/40 male/female, due to the violent theme of our film • ABC1, targeting the typical class watching these types of films • Young viewers, students, etc • Succeeders, Aspirers and Individualists Wednesday, 26 November 14