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Genomics Facts: Did You Know?


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Genomics Facts lay downs few fun facts about DNA/genomes that may catch you interest.

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Genomics Facts: Did You Know?

  1. 1. Genomics Facts
  2. 2. That’s a Lot • Would take a person typing 60 words per minute, eight hours a day, around 50 years to type the human genome.
  3. 3. Long Distance • If all DNA in one person were laid in a straight line, it would stretch to the sun and back 30 times!
  4. 4. That’s a lot of counting • There are three billion base pairs in the DNA code within each cell.
  5. 5. Everyone is special by 0.1 • Humans are 99.9% genetically identical - only 0.1 of the genetics differ.
  6. 6. Caught Unaware • We are yet to figure the function of over 80% of human DNA.
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