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Why do I need an app for my business

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Why do I need an app for my business

  1. 1. Why do I need an Appfor my business?
  2. 2. What we use our phones for… Taking photographs Making phone calls Surfing the internet Text messaging Alarm clock Email As a watch As an address bookUsing social networks As a diary Music Playing games Watching TV/films Reading books 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
  3. 3. Smartphone is replacing a range of other possessions Over half (54%) say they use their phones in place of an alarm clock Almost half (46%) have dispensed with a watch in favour of using their smartphone Two-in-five (39%) have switched to use their phone instead of a separate camera Over one quarter use their phone instead of a laptop (28%) One in ten have dispensed with a games console in favour of their handset (11%) one in twenty smartphone users have switched to use their phone in place of a TV (6%) or reading physical books (6%) Source: Survey by O2 in 2012
  4. 4. Smartphone owners now spend over 2 hours a day using their phones Minutes per day Browsing the internetChecking social networks Listening to music Playing games Making calls Checking/writing emails Text messaging Watching TV/films Reading books Taking photographs 0 5 10 15 20 25 30
  5. 5. You need to be where yourcustomers are ......on their phones !
  6. 6. Viewing your website on your mobile phone
  7. 7. • Mobile site v App v both?• How information on mobile site/App differs from that on website• Who are your customers? Can your customer base be segmented? Are their needs the same/• App • Allows instant communication via push notifications • Allows coupons • Draws together your social media presence (website, Twitter, Facebook) • Content can be updated regularly • Additional content from other sources
  8. 8. Engaging your customers:Health: patients interested in accessing theirelectronic patient records (EPR) Liam Donaldson, former Chief Medical Officer England, tweeting at a conference in February 2013