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How Educators Use Twitter

In this presentation, we discuss how educators are using Twitter to connect, collaborate, and develop professionally.

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How Educators Use Twitter

  2. 2. Many times, we may think Twitter isn't a vehicle for serious conversation.
  3. 3. However, educators are proving that it is.
  4. 4. Educators use Twitter most commonly for professional development.
  5. 5. They are connecting with other educators and sharing their professional knowledge on Twitter.
  6. 6. Some ways they engage on Twitter include education chats and hashtags.
  8. 8. # Education chats are Twitter events hosted by schools and individual educators.
  9. 9. # Hosts pose a topic or question and online chat participants weigh in on the topic.
  10. 10. # Expertise! New Knowledge! Education chats enable people to share their expertise and gain new knowledge.
  11. 11. # #You can find these education chats using popular Twitter hashtags.
  12. 12. # HASHTAGS #
  13. 13. # Educators are taking advantage of hashtags to share and find knowledge among their peers.
  14. 14. # Hashtags are key words that Twitter users add to their posts to make them easy to find.
  15. 15. # Most groups that host regular Twitter chats will publicize their hashtags.
  16. 16. # Educational conferences generally have unique hashtags to let you follow conference events.
  17. 17. # Some popular hashtags educators are using are: #edtechchat #GAFESummit#satchat Educational technology chats Google for Education conferences Saturday morning education chats
  18. 18. Why Do Educators Like Twitter?
  19. 19. "personalized, immediate nature, and the positive and collaborative community it faciliates." (Carpenter & Krutka 2014) Educators like Twitter because of its
  20. 20. Educators have described Twitter as "superior to traditional professional development." (Carpenter & Krutka 2014)
  21. 21. The education community is embracing Twitter as a valuable resource. Check out Twitter education chats & see what's out there!
  22. 22. TWITTER BLOG WEB ­ BASED ON THE BLOG POST BY LUCY SNYDER ­ CONNECT Carpenter, J. P., & Krutka, D. G. (2014, August 13). How and why educators use twitter: A survey of the field. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 46(4), 414-434. Reference