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1. The Career Freelancers: Happily Dispatches From The New Economy: The Five Faces Of The On-Demand Economy

1. The Career Freelancers: Happily building a career through independent work.
2. The Business Builders: Driven by the desire to be their own boss.
3. The Side Giggers: Looking to find financial stability by supplementing existing income.
4. The Passionistas: Looking for the flexibility to do something they love.
5. The Substituters: Replacing a traditional job that is no longer available.
From people determined to be their own boss, to those embracing the flexibility to do something
they love, to workers finding a replacement for a traditional job – people working in the
on-demand economy are just about as diverse as the labor market itself. These are the five key
groups of workers in the on-demand economy:

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