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Go-to-market services for IoT


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IoT Analytics is a leading market insights firm for the Internet of Things. The company operates in three areas: 1. Latest insights 2. Market reports 3. Go-to-market services for IoT. This is an overview of our approach and our services for go-to-market excellence in IoT.

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Go-to-market services for IoT

  1. 1. Go-to-market services for IoT Overview of our approach & services – January 2017
  2. 2. Agenda Copyright©2015bywww.iot-analytics.comAllrightsreserved 2 How to achieve Go-to-market excellence in IoT Working with us
  3. 3. How we think about B2B marketing in IoT Copyright©2015bywww.iot-analytics.comAllrightsreserved 3 What matters in B2B marketing? How to do excellent B2B mkt? How can we help in IoT? 1 2 3 Influencer relations and content-related studies most effective levers for B2B sales… … but these levers are at the end of the marketing roadmap Our IoT go-to-market-services help you where B2B marketing is most effective
  4. 4. Influencer relations and content-related studies most effective levers for B2B sales generation Copyright©2015bywww.iot-analytics.comAllrightsreserved 4 The importance of influencers 61 57 56 50 50 50 45 43 43 40 38 32 31 Discussions with references from peers and colleagues Industry analysts and sourcing advisors Web search and solution provider websites Solution provider email newsletters, white papers, research reports Trade or businesses magazines Tradeshows and conferences Case studies Social media Customer satisfaction data Solution demos / virtual business simulatinos Small-scale, private, in-person events Solution provider sales people Online events Which sources of information are the most helpful when you are researching possible solutions? (n=486) in % Source: ITSMA, PAC, DemandGen The importance of compelling content Which types of content have you used during the past 12 months to research B2B purchasing decisions? (in %) 78 73 67 58 58 58 52 28 25 20 9 White papers Case studies Webinars E-books Videos Blog posts Infographics Interactive presentations ROI Calculators Assessments Podcasts How well are you addressing these criteria today? Influencers Top content 1 What matters in B2B marketing?
  5. 5. But these levers are at the end of the marketing roadmap 12 cornerstones of excellent B2B marketing Copyright©2015bywww.iot-analytics.comAllrightsreserved Clear vision and compelling value proposition State-of the art website & mobile setup Active social media mgmt. (FB, Tw, G+…) Own content creation on blog and newsletter SEO optimization of content Strategic event / fair / conference planning PR strategy (e.g., press releases, media relations) Advertising strategy / campaigns (e.g., Adwords) Tracking of marketing metrics and web activity Advanced own content (e.g., client stories, case studies, product use case PDFs) Influencer relations & strategic partnerships (e.g., channel partners, evangelists, etc.) Interactive content (Videos, webinars, hackathons, surveys etc.) Essentials Individual differentiators Marketing excellence Thought leadership (e.g., via white paper, infographic – often in cooperation with 3rd party) Source: IoT Analytics project experience 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 0 The most difficult part of B2B marketing because it requires deep know-how and special effort 2 How to do excellent B2B marketing? = IoT Analytics’ Services
  6. 6. Reach our highly relevant IoT audience with excellent content Copyright©2015bywww.iot-analytics.comAllrightsreserved 6 We are full-service: We also manage the corresponding online campaigns Influencer Relations Interactive Content Thought Leadership10 11 12 As an influencer, IoT Analytics helps you reach a highly relevant audience 10,000+ IoT decision-makers subscribed to our newsletter 40k+ website visits per month 7000+ social media followers Perform a joint webinar, book us for a speaking engagement / workshop Sponsor a highly-informative white paper or similar content Research brief: 3-5 pages White paper: 8-25 pages White paper with a survey: ~40 pages 3 How can we help your B2B marketing efforts in IoT? Co-present content through informative webinars Perform a joint workshop or book one of our expert analysts for a content- session. 7
  7. 7. Our specific Go-to-market offerings Copyright©2015bywww.iot-analytics.comAllrightsreserved 7 We are full-service: We also manage the corresponding online campaigns Offering Description Past examples 1. Sponsored insight 2. Sponsored newsletter 3. Sponsored infographic 4. Sponsored use case / customer success story 5. Sponsored webinar 6. Sponsored blog series 7. Sponsored report 8. Speaking engagement / workshop 3 How can we help your B2B marketing efforts in IoT? 7 Re-use some of our existing insights to run a targeted campaign Create an ad in our monthly IoT newsletter that gets sent out to >10,000 IoT professionals You commission us to develop an infographic on an IoT topic of your choice We run a targeted campaign for you that includes a link to a real use case of yours We jointly run a webinar on an IoT topic – ideally you give a demo of your capabilities We jointly write and publish a number of deep- dive blog posts on an area of interest You commission us to write an insightful white paper on a specific topic of interest You invite us to one of your events to speak about a topic or give a workshop e.g., “Digitalization” workshop at major German Industrials Conglomerate 1. Sponsored insight: IBM 2. Newsletter ad 5. Webinar on IoT Platforms w/ Davra 7. Report Not offered anymore
  8. 8. Managed online marketing campaigns: To help you reach your target audience FACT: 90% of decision makers do not respond to cold outreach, but interact with insights. THEREFORE: We don’t only create the insights, we also help you reach the decision makers to maximize your success Copyright©2015bywww.iot-analytics.comAllrightsreserved 8 Be present in the #1 business network highly targetable e.g. by industry Be at top of the #1 search network with critical search terms Reach 90% of IT/ Tech audiences in the #1 display network o LinkedIn sponsored story o LinkedIn image/text ads o AdWords Textads E.g. an IoT decision maker searches for “open source iot platform” o Image- & Textads on IT/ Tech sites E.g. promote your client case for predictive maintenance. Source:Linkedin, IoT Analytics
  9. 9. Agenda Copyright©2015bywww.iot-analytics.comAllrightsreserved 9 How to achieve Go-to-market excellence in IoT Working with us
  10. 10. We are the leading market insights firm specialized on IoT 40k website visitors every month 1. General technology insight companies covering IoT as part of the overall offering Source: Similarweb, IoT Analytics IoT-specialist insight firmsGeneral technology insight firms1 Avg. website visits per month Q4/2016 in 1,000 1,150 22 40 7 2,950 415 48 5 11 36 3
  11. 11. Recent go-to-market work: IoT platforms white paper
  12. 12. Recent survey: “Security of Things World Conference”
  13. 13. We reach a highly-engaged global IoT audience Individual thought-pieces get up to 300k impressions per year Top countries (% of all trackable web visits 2016): 1. USA 2. India 3. Germany 4. UK 25% 22% 5% 4% as of Jan 2017 Total Reach ~100k Average # of organic Impressions per publication Web Reach Visitors per month ~40k Email Reach People subscribed to IoT Analytics updates 10k Engagement Average email opening rate 25% Social Reach Followers on all social channels>6k Downloads Annual downloads per gated white paper~5k
  14. 14. What people and customers say about us “I find it really impressive how the IoT Analytics team have built up a broad and proprietary knowledge base around the Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 ecosystems.” Markus Lorenz, Partner and Managing Director at BCG “My experience working with the team of experts at IoT Analytics has been enjoyable and enlightening. The work was delivered on time, on budget, and beyond our expectations” Jake White, VP Marketing at MyDevices IoT platform “On the money. Impressive research.” Nagaraj Shanmugam, VP Business Development at Orion Systems Integrators Selected customers Selected comments
  15. 15. Why should you work with us? High-quality analyses We aim to produce the highest quality research available to you. Our focus is on facts and actionable insights without losing sight of the bigger picture. And… we only publish when we think we got it right! First-hand information / IoT network We attend/speak at ~20 global IoT and Industry 4.0-focused conferences every year. This allows us to shape our unbiased, third-party view and test some of our hypotheses with other professionals in the industry. We also employ some proprietary algorithms to mine the web for relevant IoT information. Large global audience The average thought piece gets 100k impressions over its lifetime. With 40k website visitors per month and more than 10k people subscribed to our email updates we are able to supply our research to a much larger target audience than most of our competitors.
  16. 16. What you should know before engaging with us Our vision We are the go-to-company for market insights and industry intelligence for the Internet of Things. Our insights reach 40,000+ people every month and help the IoT world evolve into the right direction. Working with us Working with us means jointly creating new compelling content, bringing people together to embrace IoT and empower them to grow the Internet of Things. Our business principle: It helps you, it helps us, it helps IoT. What we don’t do External product endorsements, paid placement, or similar uni-directional sponsorships are against our rules. If we love your products we might say it. But do not take it for granted. Copyright©2015bywww.iot-analytics.comAllrightsreserved 16
  17. 17. IoT Analytics GmbH Market Insights for the Internet of Things Zirkusweg 2 (Astraturm, 6. OG) 20359 Hamburg Germany +49 40 88950090