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A love of pumpkins spuds and beans 02 for slideshare


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If you have an old Barrel you can cut in half, here is a plan to fill it with vegetables..

The ideas come straight from my allotment.. ..

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A love of pumpkins spuds and beans 02 for slideshare

  2. 2. AIMS OF THIS PLANTER  Never Ending – Continues year after year  Simple – Only requires attention once a month • (excluding weeding and watering) • Also Recommended: Nets this to keep off cats, Rabbits, Muntjack Deer, Pigeons etc. • Also slugs and Snails should be removed and transferred to your neighbours garden  No Waste, can all be eaten.. ..  Teaches the Kids how to regenerate things “A Love of Pumpkin, Spuds and Beans”
  3. 3. REQUIRES  Two Half Barrels Full Of Compost  One Pack of Broad Beans • ‘Aquadulce Claudia’  One Pack Runner Beans • “Firestorm”  One Pack Pumpkin Seed • “Jack of All Trades”  Three First Early Seed Potatoes • “Swift”  Three Main Crop Seed Potatoes • “Cara”
  4. 4. 1ST SEPTEMBER Y1  Broad Beans are not a dwarf variety suited to Barrels but a variety suited to September planting
  5. 5. 1ST MARCH Y2  Broad Beans will winter very well and will come on fine early Spring  Potatos do not really need Chitting for Barrels
  6. 6. 1ST APRIL Y2  Just Keep It Watered.  Beans do not need feeding..
  7. 7. 1ST MAY Y2  Beans will be flowering and attracting Bees  Don’t forget to plant your pumpkin seed in a small pot at this point
  8. 8. 1ST JUNE Y2  First Family Meal on June 1st • Broad beans and New Potatoes with anything  Keep 3 seed potatoes cool in the garage
  9. 9. 1ST JUNE Y2  Plant the pumpkin plant from the seed you planted in May
  10. 10. 1ST JULY Y2  Bamboo canes required to support Runner Beans  Pumpkin will need Leaders Trimming once Fruit has set. Not more than 2 Fruit are required in this Barrel
  11. 11. 1ST AUGUST Y2  Just Enjoy the Speed Things are Growing  Keep Watered in Those Long Summer Days  Pumpkin Would Benefit From Liquid Feed
  12. 12. 1ST SEPTEMBER Y2  2nd Family Meal of the year • Runner Beans and Potatoes with Anything • Keep 3 Seed potatoes
  13. 13. 1ST SEPTEMBER Y2  And here is the start of the recycling.. • Plant the Broad Beans you have been Drying all summer and water
  14. 14. 31ST OCTOBER  Carve 1st Pumpkin for Halloween • Dry half the seeds in cupboard for next year • Roast half the seeds and Eat  3rd Family Meal of the Year: • Using 2nd Pumpkin • Pumpkin Soup • Pumpkin Pie  Recycle from slide three • Don’t buy any more seeds . . .
  15. 15. FOOTNOTE - CONCLUSION  Having never tried this, I am not sure how many years this would keep working  Feeding the pumpkins would rejuventate the soil nutrients  It is recommend that Potato’s are not planted in the same spot two years in a row and fresh seed potato is always used. This is the only flaw in this plan.  As an alternative, the potatoes could be replaced with Jerusalem Artichokes. They grow like crazy every year and have fantastic yellow flowers. The only trouble is the kids will probably not look forward to their second harvest….  Another alternative to the potatoes is to plant Salsify every second year – again this grows as a perennial root, seeds can be kept and huge dandelion flowers are also fine “A Love of Pumpkin, Spuds and Beans and Salsify – but possibly not Jerusalem Artichokes”