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  • Bill Fullilove, disabled with cerebral palsy, and bankrupt from high medical bills, says he was able to turn $150 into $1,000 with the "Demolisher" Betting System: 
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  1. 1. Casablanca Nightlife – Things to DoCasablanca nightlife is only ranked second to Marrakech nightlife when it comes to major citiesin Morocco. Although not well documented, there are various things you can do when the sunhas sinks in the west.Although the consumption of alcohol is prohibited by Islamic law, there are several bars inCasablanca that you can visit when you are in the city. These bars line some of the majorstreets in the city and can also be found in many of the international five star hotels. It isimportant for women to note that not all bars will be accessible to them. There are severalbars that are restricted to men only. It is also wise for women to visit bars in various areasaccompanied by male companions. You will feel more comfortable when accompanied.Bars in international five star hotels have no restrictions in terms of gender and receive a goodmix of both male and female clients. These up market bars are vibrant throughout the week.If you are looking for more than just alcohol, you will find various nightclubs in Casablanca.Some of these nightclubs will be restricted to men only. Others will restrict entry based on aspecific dress code for the evening. It is therefore a good idea to find out which type of nightclubyou will be attending and what restrictions there may be.The nightclubs in international five star hotels are very vibrant. They receive a good mixture oflocal and foreign clients all out to enjoy Casablanca nightlife. These nightclubs will also servealcohol.If you are more interested in experiencing culture, you can attend some of the live music showsin Casablanca. These shows feature local artists as well as international ones. You will find agreat variety of musical shows for your liking e.g. salsa bands, Latino bands, local Moroccanartists amongst many others.These live shows may be found in a wide variety of venues including restaurants such as thePapagayo and cafes such as Rick’s Café. You will therefore be able to enjoy the music as wellas a delicious meal.If you want even more culture, you can visit one of the local theatres. The local theatres hostproductions, music festivals, and dance performances throughout the year. However, it is agood idea to find out just what shows are on before attending. There are also attractive displaysat these theatres.