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Virtual Apache Druid Meetup: AIADA (Ask Itai and David Anything)

Itai Yaffe (Tech Lead, Big Data group) @ Nielsen and David Bar (Software Architect) @ ForeScout:
At this Ask Me Anything-style virtual meetup, Itai and David answered questions about Apache Druid from the unique perspectives of an open-source Druid user (Itai) and Imply customer (David).

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Virtual Apache Druid Meetup: AIADA (Ask Itai and David Anything)

  1. 1. AIADA Meetup May 27, 2020 (Ask Itai and David Anything)
  2. 2. Rules of Engagement 2 1. Everyone will be muted to start. 2. Answers submitted in advance via Slido will be answered first but hopefully we’ll have time for additional questions. At that time, please raise your “hand” or put a question in the Chat box. We will unmute you if needed.
  3. 3. Meet your Hosts! 5 Itai Yaffe Tech Lead, Big Data Group at Nielsen (open-source Druid user) @ItaiYaffe David Bar Software Architect at ForeScout Technologies Inc. (Imply customer) Disclaimer: Itai and David aren’t official Druid experts, just 2 passionate users and customers willing to share their knowledge.
  4. 4. Questions from Slido (1 of 4) 6
  5. 5. Questions from Slido (2 of 4) 7
  6. 6. Questions from Slido (3 of 4) 8
  7. 7. Questions from Slido (4 of 4) 9
  8. 8. Time for More Questions? 10
  9. 9. Women in Big Data 11 1. A world-wide program that aims: a. To inspire, connect, grow, and champion success of women in the Big Data & analytics field b. To grow women representation in Big Data field > 25% by 2020 2. Over 20 chapters and 14,000+ members world-wide 3. Everyone can join (regardless of gender), so find a chapter near you -
  10. 10. Stay in touch 12 Itai Yaffe @ItaiYaffe David Bar
  11. 11. Stay in touch 13 @druidio Join the community! Free training hosted by Imply! Follow the Druid project on Twitter!