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Concept of innovative development for SU “Uzhhorod national university” at 2015 2025


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Concept of innovative development for SU “Uzhhorod national university” at 2015 2025

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Concept of innovative development for SU “Uzhhorod national university” at 2015 2025

  1. 1. Concept of innovative development for SU “Uzhhorod National University” at 2015-2025
  2. 2. The Concept has been developed within the research project “Innovative University – tool of integration to European educational and research area” (№ 21470150), financed by the International Visegrad Fund and implemented by the ER Institute of European Integration Studies of UzhNU (project applicant). Project partners: Rzeszow University (Rzeszow, Poland), University of Debrecen (Debrecen, Hungary), Technical University in Kosice (Slovakia), NGO "Institute for transborder cooperation CBC" (Uzhgorod, Ukraine).
  3. 3. During the development of the Concept were analyzed and summarized: Experience of Uzhgorod National University’ structures that form its innovation policy; Experience of innovative activity of leading universities in Ukraine
  4. 4. In countries of the Visegrad Group Czech Republic Technopark of Palacký University in Olomouc Charles University in Prague Slovakia Research Center of the University in Zilina Science Park of the Technical University in Kosice (TUKE)
  5. 5. In countries of the Visegrad Group Poland Krakow Technology Park Ltd. Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Hungary University of Debrecen Infopark Budapest Gdansk Science and Technology Park.
  6. 6. Peculiarities of the Concept lies in the fact that: First to its development were involved leading experts, scientists and experts not only from Ukraine but also from neighboring V4 countries Secondly the basis for the preparation of the Concept has become a powerful information-analytical base. The experience and practice of leading universities of Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and other countries in Europe, Asia and America has been studied, analyzed and summarized
  7. 7. Peculiarities of the Concept lies in the fact that: Thirdly the Concept defines the main directions in the transformation from the traditional university into innovative and implementation of the principles corresponding to this task Fourth in the course of the project have been achieved important results, namely formed mobile international team of highly qualified experts of scientists from UzhNU, leading universities of the V4, the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, representatives of the government of Ukraine and local authorities, and from among the student asset
  8. 8. Approbation of research results Round table of experts on "Implementation of the Law of Ukraine" On Higher Education "- a prerequisite for integration to the European environment of Higher education an research” (Uzhgorod, 24 February 2015); International scientific conference "Mobility of education, innovation culture and social responsibility as resources for competitiveness of European universities" (Uzhgorod, 23-24 April 2015);
  9. 9. International exhibition "Education and career - Student Day 2015" (Kyiv, 12-14 November 2015). SU “UzhNU” was presented in two thematic categories, for which received the highest award, namely - Grand Prix in the category "Innovative development of education and modern educational technology" and the honorary title of "Leader of scientific and technological activities"
  10. 10. The training-methodical complex based on the results of this research
  11. 11. The training-methodical complex based on the results of this research
  12. 12. Expert conclusion of The Concept of innovative development for SU "Uzhhorod National University" at 2015-2025 Doctor of Pedagogic sciences, First Vice President of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, national expert on higher education reform in Ukraine, Professor Volodymyr Luhovyi
  13. 13. Proposed Concept is innovative by itself, it is in fact "road map" of the modern institution of higher education in achieving the highest level university status, seeking to enter the European and world rankings
  14. 14. Innovative components of the Concept are: Methodology of formation and development of the Science Park UzhNU Concept which has a strong potential - generalized innovative projects developed by scientists of the University and will be implemented through Science Park The system of indexing and monitoring of effectiveness for innovative development in UzhNU Проект Концепції пройшов комплексну апробацію на двох «круглих столах» за участю європейських експертів, двох міжнародних конференціях в Ужгороді, Кошице (Словаччина) та міжнародній виставці «Освіта і карєра» 2015 р. у Києві за участю понад 50 закладів вищої освіти Європи та світу. 1 2 3
  15. 15. The Concept will be useful for other universities of Ukraine, given that, it is one of the first international innovative and program products that facilitate successful implementation of the laws of Ukraine "On Higher Education" and "On scientific and technical activity" and integration of Higher Education of Ukraine to European and world higher education and research area
  16. 16. Розробники та експерти наукового проекту дійшли висновку, що впровадження Концепції дозволить успішно інтегруватись ДВНЗ «УжНУ» в європейський освітній та науковий простір, а також реалізувати: 1. Систему «Трикутника знань» (Освіта, Наука, Інновації) як стратегію розвитку європейської освіти 2. Концепцію «Потрійної спіралі» (Університет, Бізнес, Влада) 3. Стратегію «Університет – інтегратор знань» – базовий чинник регіонального зростання на основі впровадження моделі «Регіону знань» Це дозволить ДВНЗ «УжНУ» трансформуватись з традиційного в дослідницько-інноваційний університет сучасного типу та зайняти достойне місце в європейський та світових рейтингах університетів найвищого рівня. Conclusions:
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention ! 89a, Zankovetska St., Uzhhorod, 88000, Transcarpathian region +38 (0312) 65-14-34, +38 (050) 920-76-98 e-mail: Our contacts: