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LODFlow: Workflow Management System for Linked Data Processing

Sandro Rautenberg, Ivan Ermilov, Edgard Marx, Soeren Auer, Axel-Cyrille N. Ngomo. LODFlow: Workflow Management System for Linked Data Processing presentation for SEMANTiCS'2015 conference.

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LODFlow: Workflow Management System for Linked Data Processing

  1. 1. LODFlow Workflow Management System for Linked Data Processing Sandro Rautenberg, Ivan Ermilov, Edgard Marx, Sören Auer, and Axel-Cyrille N. Ngomo
  2. 2. Agenda ● Introduction ● Linked Data Workflow Management ● LODFlow: LD Workflow Management System ● LODFlow: Use Cases ● Related Work ● Conclusion and Future Work
  3. 3. Intro: A Bird’s Eye View on The Problem Creation and Maintenance of LD Datasets manual workflows applying scripts cumbersome time- consuming error- prone requiring skills
  4. 4. Linked Data Workflow Management supported by a systematic way be component- oriented enabling the reuse of process facilitating the resource provenance and reproducibility ensuring the correctness supporting the evolution Intro: Solution Outline
  5. 5. Linked Data Workflow Documentation Linked Data Workflow Repeatability Linked Data Workflow Management System Requirements Linked Data Workflow Planning Linked Data Workflow Execution Linked Data Workflow Reusability
  6. 6. LODFlow Benefits: ● Explicitness ● Reusability ● Repeatability ● Efficiency ● Ease to use
  7. 7. LODFlow: LDWPO ontology (abstract) The Linked Data Workflow Knowledge Model and Knowledge Base
  8. 8. LODFlow: Architecture
  9. 9. Qualis: LODFlow Use Case indirect scores for periodical papers, according 48 knowledge fields. use in bibliometric and scientometric studies and for ranking post- graduate programs, research proposals, or individual research scholarships.
  10. 10. Qualis (cont.) ● Problem: ○ Data available only as 1 Star Data ○ Only the current version is available ○ Data is not linked to other datasets ● Solution: ○ Extracted the data from the web interface (10 years) ○ Converted Qualis to a 5-star dataset ○ Interlinked it to the DBpedia knowledge base
  11. 11. Qualis: Workflow ● Create a plan for LD project ○ Planning the maintenance of LD datasets ○ Managing the lifecycle of resources ● Execute a plan ○ Maintaining the provenance and repeatability information ○ Producing the resources
  12. 12. Qualis: Workflow (cont.)
  13. 13. Qualis: Workflow Implementation Create a plan for LDProject
  14. 14. Workflow Implementation (cont.) Execute a plan
  15. 15. Qualis: Results ● Were executed over 10 years ● LODFlow fulfills the requirements
  16. 16. Related work ● Languages such as Business Process Execution Language are adopted in technologies ● Scientific Workflow Management Systems, such as Apache Taverna and Kepler were developed
  17. 17. Conclusion ● Automatization of processing LD workflows ● Preserving provenance information on (re) producing LD datasets ● Showing the benefits of explicitness, reusability, repeatability and efficiency ● Applicable in the context of the LODStack and LD Lifecycle.
  18. 18. Future work: Integration with LODStack Developing a tool to integrate LODFlow to the LODStack. Improving the LDWPO with Method concepts
  19. 19. Future work: New Use Cases research group extracted from a transparency portal Qualis classification set of papers extracted from Lattes CV
  20. 20. Thank you for your attention! We acknowledge support from CAPES/Brazil Agency as well as BMWi SAKE project.