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Are we failing users? Can open approaches meet their needs? - Maura Marx

Are we failing users? Can open approaches meet their needs?

Maura's plenary presentation at the Jisc/British Library Discovery Summit 2013
February 2013, London

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Are we failing users? Can open approaches meet their needs? - Maura Marx

  1. 1. D P+JISCDiscovery Summit 2013 L AIs open enough?21-22 February 2013 Are we failing users? Can open approaches meet their needs? Maura Marx
  2. 2. + Statement  On October 1-2, 2010, leaders from research libraries, foundations, and a variety of cultural institutions gathered in a workshop at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study to discuss how to work together toward the creation of a Digital Public Library of America—that is, an open, distributed network of comprehensive online resources that would draw on the nation’s living heritage from libraries, universities, archives, and museums in order to educate, inform, and empower everyone in the current and future generations.
  3. 3. + Building Community Workshops October 2011 Plenary  March 2011: Content & Scope  300 participants; Washington, DC  60 participants; Cambridge, MA  Live webcast with satellite viewing  May 2011: Global Interoperability events and real-time closed and Linked Data captioning  40 participants; Amsterdam  Beta Sprint and workstream presentations  June 2011: Technical Principles  25 participants; Washington, DC April 27, 2012 Plenary  December 2011: Technical specifications workshop , 25 participants; Cambridge MA
  4. 4. + DPLA
  5. 5. +Elements of the DPLACodeMetadataContentTools and ServicesCommunity
  6. 6. Code
  7. 7. + Code  All code funded by the DPLA will be free and open source.  All code will be posted to public repositories with version control; regular releases will be issued; the DPLA will accept patches.  The DPLA will try to use existing services and code where possible. Free and open source software is preferred, and the DPLA will move toward a completely free tool chain.  Code and services will not accept any intellectual property (such as patents) that is not licensed royalty-free on a non-discriminatory basis to all users.  As far as possible, the DPLA platform will be open and accessible for others to fork/host/replicate with no discrimination based on use or field of endeavor.  In order to facilitate and maximize interoperability, the DPLA platform will support open standards, including Linked Open Data.
  8. 8. Metadata
  9. 9. + Metadata 01. The Vast Majority of Metadata is Not Subject to Copyright Restrictions. The DPLA believes that the vast majority of metadata is not subject to copyright 02. The DPLA’s Partners Share the DPLA’s Commitment. DPLA’s partners are also committed to freely sharable metadata to promote innovation…and agree …to the extent that metadata provided by the DPLA’s partners may be protected by copyright, however, those partners have agreed to dedicate such metadata to the public domain pursuant to a CC0 license. This means that any raw metadata imported into the DPLA, which is protected by copyright, is provided under a CC0 license.
  10. 10. Content
  11. 11. + Content  The content that is contributed to or funded by the DPLA will be made available, including through bulk download, with no new restrictions, via a service available to libraries, museums, and archives in the United States, where use and reuse is governed only by public law.  The DPLA claims no rights based on digitization.
  12. 12. Tools and Services
  13. 13. Community
  14. 14. 1. How are we failing researchersand what can we do about it?
  15. 15. 2. How are we failing students andwhat can we do about it?
  16. 16. How are we failing innovation,society and business and what canwe do about it?
  17. 17. +
  18. 18. + Maura Marx Digital Public Library of America