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What we've been doing...

Professor David Maguire at the Stakeholder Forum

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What we've been doing...

  1. 1. What we’ve been doing Professor David Maguire, JiscChair and vice-chancellor, University of Greenwich 28/04/2017 1
  2. 2. Jisc in financial year 2015/16 28/04/2017 What we’ve been doing 2 All figures in £m
  3. 3. 0G 100G 200G 300G 400G 500G 600G 700G 800G 900G 1,000G Jan10 Jul10 Jan11 Jul11 Jan12 Jul12 Jan13 Jul13 Jan14 Jul14 Jan15 Jul15 Jan16 Jul16 Jan17 Jul17 Jan18 Jul18 Jan19 Actual Projection Janet network traffic 28/04/2017 What we’ve been doing 3 Doubled the core bandwidth in 2016
  4. 4. Reduce costs and increase collaboration »Shared Datacentre (South) › 15 participants, four in pipeline › eMedlab and Medbio projects »Procurement frameworks with favourable cloud solutions Cloud computing 28/04/2017 What we’ve been doing 4 Amazon Web Services File Sync and Share Data Archiving Google Apps Microsoft Office 365
  5. 5. Safeguarding your current and future computer security » Cyber security mitigation: already mitigated huge attacks › Major technology upgrade › Increased ability to respond to cyber attacks › Cyber Security Incident ResponseTeam » Certificate Service: protect confidential data » Web filtering Service: web appropriate for your organisation » Tailored In-houseTraining Expertise and Advice: › 2016 conference, courses & online facilitated training › Development of in-house expertise › Trusted environments – enabling peers to discuss & share sensitive topics 28/04/2017 What we’ve been doing 5
  6. 6. Affordable access to content and services » 250+ licence agreements covering over 400 subscriptions › Renegotiated Elsevier ScienceDirectAgreement » Negotiations cover expenditure of £108m › 45% of total sector spend on e-content (c£220m) › Savings in 2016 of c£105m » +208 million downloads of full text articles from publishers in 2016 » +1 million alerts automatically sent about journal content via Zetoc 28/04/2017 What we’ve been doing 6
  7. 7. Providing affordable access to content and services Providing rich digital collections and resources that support and enhance research, teaching and learning 28/04/2017 What we’ve been doing 7
  8. 8. Helping you realise the benefits of open access » We’ve launched: › Monitor local – easily record and report open access compliance and cost › Publications router – populate institutional repositories » Use of IRUS-UK increased covers 80% of institutional repositories Open access support services 28/04/2017 What we’ve been doing 8
  9. 9. Providing advice, assistance and training » Offered to all colleges » Jisc on 35 / 37 steering group kick-off meetings » Technology ReviewTool: advice / reports to 71 colleges » +5200 contacts with colleges » Core staff spent +3500 hours supporting colleges Supporting FE area reviews » 117 courses » 1770 participants Workshops for FE and HE to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP) 28/04/2017 What we’ve been doing 9 » Network and technology courses » Digital leaders programme » Making digital collections easier to discover And many more…
  10. 10. Enabling research with infrastructure services » Janet network services » OpenAccess support services » Shared data centres » Research data shared service › Easily deposit data for publication, discovery, safe storage, long term archiving & preservation The ELIXIR project (genome data) 28/04/2017 What we’ve been doing 10 » European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Hinxton, Cambridge » Network of supercomputers connected to the Janet core
  11. 11. Future »Funding »Rapid pace of technology »Rising aspirations Challenges 28/04/2017 What we’ve been doing 13
  12. 12. ThankYou! 28/04/2017 What we’ve been doing 14
  13. 13. Professor David Maguire Jisc chair and vice-chancellor, University of Greenwich 28/04/2017 What we’ve been doing 15