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5 Keys to Virtual Fame webinar


Published on This is an updated version of my March 2013 free webinar "Five Keys to Virtual Fame." I no longer offer the video review service offered at the end of this webinar.

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5 Keys to Virtual Fame webinar

  1. 1. We will begin shortlyJanet
  2. 2.  Build a Magnetic Media Expert Platform Step by Step
  3. 3.  Award-Winning TV Anchor,Reporter,Producer ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, CNN, WebMD Author of 3 books Media Coach/Consultant since 2007
  4. 4.  …Janet has given me dozens of ideas for polishingmy videos and building my media expert platform,online and off. She has a wealth of mediaknowledge and experience and a gift forencouraging and motivating others. Elizabeth Brown, MS, RD, CPT, CDE
  5. 5.  Janet Vasil is one of the few people with real mediacredentials. Shes been on the "other side" of themedia pitch game and knows what interviewerslook for and how you can approach them in a waythat will get you noticed. If media exposure is partof your marketing plan, Janet is who you want tohave on your team. Jim Donovan, International Best Selling Author
  6. 6. Some of the Many Experts I’ve interviewed…
  7. 7. Online Media is a Fame Game Changer for building a…
  8. 8.  Visibility + Audience What you stand on What you stand for
  9. 9.  Media Messages Media Expert ImageMedia Presence
  10. 10. 1. Positioning2. Publish3. Social Media4. Video5. Publicity
  11. 11.  Your Mindset Build an Internet Home Own Your Name – register domain name
  12. 12.  Who’s an Expert? Author = authority Book = Ultimate Business Card
  13. 13.  Facebook – More than 1 Billion users Google + - 400 Million registered users (one year old) LinkedIn – 175 Million users Twitter - 140 Million users Pinterest - 20 Million users YouTube – 4 billion views every day Source:
  14. 14.  More powerful than written word Show your personality and expert chops Know, Like and Trust factors develop FAST Don’t need expensive pro gear I See You Everywhere is the goal
  15. 15. “Without promotion, something terrible happens...Nothing!”- P.T. Barnum
  16. 16.  HARO – Radio Guest List – Blogger Link Up - My Blog Guest – www.myblogguest.comMedia Guest Connect
  17. 17.  Media Kit News websites and blogs Social Media conversations Press Releases
  18. 18.  Strategy Session 1:1 Review your current online visibility Get super clear about your story and mediamessages Map out where to go from here Explore tools and technologies Evaluate what can wait and what to do right now
  19. 19. Go to
  20. 20. You can do it. I can help. Keep in touch.
  21. 21.  @YourMediaMoment on Twitter “Get Seen, Get Heard and Get Clients!”
  22. 22. Go to