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Final research and planning


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media research and planning

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Final research and planning

  1. 1. A2 MEDIA A2 UNIT G324 ADVANCED PORTFOLIO IN MEDIA RESEARCH AND PLANNING Candidate Name Candidate Number Centre Name Centre Number Jack Street 3205 The Leigh Academy 61101
  2. 2. YOUR ASSESSMENT MATERIALS Copy and paste these e-stickers onto your work when instructed to do so by your teacher.
  3. 3. Annie Trailer Analysis This is an establishing shot of the New York City skyline. This goes with conventions as this shot is used at the start of films or trailers to set the scene if the fillm. The sun is rising in the background, this is a positive symbol and a symbol of hope. It also shows a new day and a new beginning which ties into the film and the main song. ‘Tomorrow’. This screen shot shows the girls in an orphanage sitting on their bunk beds. This shows poverty as they share beds and all the children share a room together. This follows the original narrative of the film and goes along with the films conventions. However there is a lot of light in the room and the room is not dark or gloomy. This suggests all the girls in the orphanage are happy even though they are not in touch with their parents. This challenges the conventions of films with orphanages as they are usually dark and gloomy (Oliver Twist). This shot shows the girls at the orphanage stood on different levels of the building. One girl is throwing little off the balcony whilst another shields herself with a bin lid. This goes along with the stereotype that children without parents are chaotic and have no order. There are no adults in this shot showing the children are left to their own devices and have no authority figure. This picture shows the first sign of care from Jamie Foxx’s towards Annie. This goes against conventions as the male character is a politician and political figures are usually shown as being cold hearted and ruthless. He puts himself on the line to save the girl, this foreshadows the relationship between the male and the girl.
  4. 4. Annie Trailer Analysis Again this shot shows the chaos of the orphanage. Also the song in the background is ‘Hard knock life’ this leads us to believe the children at the orphanage are not under control. They are throwing plates around the kitchen in their pajamas.
  5. 5. Iron Lady Poster There is a clear blue background, this goes along with conventions as it is basic and makes the image of Margret Thatcher stand out. However you could say that this develops conventions as Mrs. Thatcher was a strong conservative and blue is the colour of the Conservative party.Half of Thatcher’s face is an image of the houses of parliament. This challenges conventions as the main image is distorted by the side image, this shows the viewer that the film will have a political slant and that the houses of parliament are key to the film. The slogan at the top of the poster says ‘Never Compromise’ this links with the title and shows that Thatcher was seen as a strong lady and someone who would never give in. This slogan goes along with conventions as it links to the main theme of the film. The name of the films is the ‘Iron Lady’ this develops conventions as even though it links to the main character it does not give away what the film is about. It is the main characters nickname so if you did not know this then you would not know what this film was about. Therefor this develops but also challenges.
  6. 6. Magazine Analysis Masthead: The masthead is challenging conventions as it is placed behind the main image. This means that the masthead is hidden behind a large image. This would mean that people would not be able to see the EMPIRE logo and could lead to people missing the masthead. Puff: The puff challenges conventions as it does not puff out and almost looks as if it is hidden. This goes against the idea of a puff as a puff is meant to stick out or ‘puff’ out of the page. This shows that the puff is less important and does not need stand out. Cover Lines: The cover lines on this magazine cover challenge conventions as they are in two different fonts. The opening of the cover line is in a smarter more formal font which matches the film whereas the main text is in a bolder font. This does not follow the conventions of a magazine cover as the cover lines are usually clear and in the same font. Background Image: The background image is developed to fit the pirate theme of the film. This is done to add scenery to the cover and the background is also blurred. The blurred effect helps the main image to pop out of the page, this is nice as it makes the main image clearer to the reader. The main image: The front image of Captain Jack Sparrow follows the themes and conventions of a film magazine. The main image shows clearly the main focus of the magazine which is the Pirates of the Caribbean
  7. 7. Action Genre Trailer Analysis This is the opening shot of the trailer. The music track in this scene follows the conventions of the genre as in the background the classic Bond theme is playing. This is an emotive music piece and the viewer instantly recognises the conventional theme. This immediately recreates the excitement and nostalgia for the audience. The monocrome effect used in this scene is often used in the genre, creating a classic feel at the beginning of the trailer and adds to the dramatic dialogue taking place. This screen shot is shot in black and white like the last expressing the emphasis on creating nostalgia and mystery in the scene. The main image in this clip shows Bond shooting someone with a silenced pistol. This goes with the action theme of James Bond films and shows the viewer early on that there will be action along with dialogue in this film, this follows the conventions of the genre. The low key lighting in this shot shows that the clip is moody and there will be death in the scene, this follows the theme of actions films and Bond films. This lighting is typical of a Bond film as it crates mystery and suspense around the film an keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat asking questions. This is the first image we see of the main villain. He is dressed in all black and has slick black hair. He is accompanied in this image by men in military outfits standing by black trucks. This follows conventions of a Bond villain as he is shows to be dark and dangerous. He is also in this sequence shown looking at money. This along with his eye show his imperfections and stick to the stereotypes of a bond villain.
  8. 8. This shot shows the money and wealth in the location that the film Is set. This follows the Bond film conventions as the James Bond films are usually set in areas with high wealth, the location is a casino in Monaco. The Monaco area is famously an area of high wealth which fits into the Bond conventions. Also the Union Jack in the background sticks to the British patriotism in the Bond films. Also the iconic British Bentley in the background adds to the British theme of the shot. This shot challenges Bond conventions of a Bond film as the main ‘Bond Girl’ is shown to be lifeless under water. The reason this challenges Bond conventions is because James Bond is meant to be the hero that saves the damsel in distress. This image of the lifeless Bond girl shows that Bond can/could be beaten by someone. The fade cut used to go to and from this clip challenges Bond conventions. This is because a fade out like this shows emotion and a connection between characters. Even though in Bond films James Bond always has a love interest he never usually falls for them like he does for the lady in this film. This challenges Bond conventions. This show challenges Bond conventions as usually James Bond is portrayed as a hard character where as in this shot his emotional side is bought out. In this trailer Bond is shown to have actually fallen for a girl. This is his fatal floor in this film and is uncharacteristic of bond. It is shown in the trailer that his feelings for the lady are used against him by the villain (Le Chifre). This is unlike James Bond as he would usually never let love get in the way of his mission. This also challenges conventions of a Bond film.
  9. 9. This shot challenges Bond conventions because even though Bond films are famous for action, James Bond is usually the character in control whereas in this shot you can see him having a major crash in the famous Aston Martin sports car. This means that Bond is not in control and is in danger which is not typical of many Bond films.
  10. 10. Technology In Film Magazine’s and poster’s • Physical Technology Camera: The Canon EOS 1DX is used by professional photographers around the world for it’s high definition photo’s and pixel quality. It shoots at 18.1 million pixels and 12FPS. Its also captures the picture electronically and would have an SD card that stores all the photos you take. This can be uploaded via wire or via internet. Studio: In a professional recording studio you would need; A camera, a microphone, a green screen and lighting. These things would mean you would be able to film news casts or scenes for sci-fi films. The green screen would be important as it would enable you to create a backdrop for any scene you need without the actors having to be there. A decent camera and microphone would be needed to pick up the voices and an image of the actors. • Digital Technology Computer Hardware: A graphic designer or editor would use a monitor that showed a 1080P or a 1440P image so that when they were designing or editing they could see everything in ultra HD and they could see intricate details. They would most likely run dual or triple monitors so they could have a large spread of the image. An example of the monitor they would use is the Acer XB270HUbprz. This monitor has a large 27 inch screen along with a 16:9 resolution. They would also need to use a good graphics card. The GeForce GTX 980 SLI would provide perfect graphics for editing. The RAM used would be high as many photos and videos would be needed to be stored on the computer. 8 Gig of RAM would be the minimum used however it would be more likely that 16 Gig of RAM would be used. • Software Photoshop is a photo editing software used by professionals in the photography industry. It is used for it’s many image manipulating properties such as air brush, error fixing and being able to apply effects to ‘multiple files’. This is useful for a graphic designer as it enables them to apply any effects and
  11. 11. • Printing Process The modern printing press allows manufacturers to print thousands of copies of magazine or newspapers in a short space of time. This enables mass production and quick distribution of the product. Film Trailer Technologies • Physical Technology Camera: The Arri Alexia is a typical industrial film camera. It is used for it’s fantastic quality and many different functions. It has a 16:9 sensor and is known as a very lightweight camera. This would make the use of this camera a lot easier and would make it versatile in use. It also has space for two SD cards which allows for much memory space. Microphones: A typical microphone that would be used is a Rode NTG2. This is a shotgun style microphone that comes with a wind sock to block out external noise. This ensures that the dialogue is all the viewer can hear and there is not any background noise. Lighting: Film makers would use many large industrial lights as this would provide flexibility for lighting and would provide a range of different lighting strengths.
  12. 12. Digital Technology • DVD burning DVD burning is an easy way to transfer film and video from one person to another, cheaply and with relative ease. This enabled people to make multiple copies of films they filmed on a recorder. This also made it easy for film companies to easily distribute their films in a cheap way. • DCP packages A DCP package is the digital equivalent of a film reel. This is what has over taken the 35mm film reel as digital film has emerged in the modern age. A DCP is easier to use than a film reel as it is all online and there is no physical reel to look after or use. This is seen to be more accessible in the modern age. • Streaming Streaming is the most modern platform used for sharing film, music and TV. This enables consumers to view new film, TV and music on demand without having to leave their homes. Services such as Netflix and and Spotify are streaming services that enable a vast collection of films, TV shows and music to viewers for a price per month. Whereas sites like Youtube and sound cloud stream videos and music for free and that are available to all. There are also many other streaming sites that make media free and available for all users.