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Call sheet for "Easy street"


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Call sheet for "Easy street"

  1. 1. G321 FOUNDATION PORTFOLIO IN MEDIA CALL SHEET – EASY STREET DIRECTOR PRODUCER GENRE SHOOT DATE JACK WATER-MAN JACK WATER-MAN Film Noir SUNDAY 2ND NO-VEMBER 2014 LOCATIONS Hartlepool Sixth Form College Brinkburn, Blakelock Road Hartlepool, TS25 5PF The Odd bar Church street Hartlepool, TS24 7DN Navagation point Hartlepool, TS24 0UQ CAST/CREW ROLE CALL TIME WARD-ROBE Jack Waterman 07930 333964 Director/ Pro-ducer + Daniel Gaudi All filming Times long Dark coat, suit and hat Tom Millet 07432 374965 Assistant Di-rector + Cameraman All filming Times As stipulated by Di-rector on shoot day
  2. 2. Fiona Walker 07973 468012 Christina Ap-pleby Sunday 2nd November Red or black dress, red lipstick, heals Ethan Lang waybeyon-der@ 07411 392499 Father + Coro-ner white wifebeater vest, (Father) White shirt and waistcoat (coroner) Mathew Bray 07741 483870 Ricardo Martel + Irish light suit (Martel) whit shirt waistcoat and elbow ties (Irish) Chloe Leighton 07870 496895 Mother white shirt, black skirt and apron Alex Hester A.hester117@hot-mail. 07455 198919 Michaels double breasted pin striped suit EQUIPMENT PROPS Camera Camera bag and protective lenses 16GB Memory card Tripod Dark hat Cigarettes Case files Car Rubber gloves Broken Bottle Bottle Glasses Water