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Overview of online market research methodologies


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The use of online market research methodologies is exploding. Online offers the researcher or marketer many benefits, including flexibility, immediacy, and transparency. This presentation provides an overview of Mozaic Groups online market research capabilities.

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Overview of online market research methodologies

  1. 1. Mozaic Group: Online Research Methodologies
  2. 2. 2 Geographic Diversity More Data from Each Respondent More Convenient for Respondents and Observers Capture Insights “In the Moment” Anonymity Breeds Honesty Benefits of Online Qualitative •More success with hard-to-reach audiences •More geo diversity without added travel time or expense •No sharing “air time” with other respondents •Flexible masking of responses to minimize group influence but still allow interaction •Study can span hours, days, or weeks •No time away from home/office for respondents •Easier to fit into respondent’s schedule (no travel time required) •No travel for observers •Remote participation (at home, at work, while shopping, etc.) •Mobile platform means participation truly anywhere •Minimizes fear of judgment/social acceptability •Minimizes competitive tension •Often encourages greater depth in responses
  3. 3. Mobile Market Research Description Participants download an app onto their Apple or Android phone or tablet. This allows them to provide a snapshot of their day as they interact with a product, retail environment, or try a new technology. They can provide immediate feedback using pictures, videos, text & voice. Benefits Respondents provide their feedback in real- time as they shop, buy, or use the product in its natural setting. Example For a leading mobile phone manufacturer: Over a period of 3 days consumers used words and video, to document all the ways the used their mobile phones. This create a unique portrait of the connection between consumers and their mobile devices. 3
  4. 4. Online Diaries Description Participants log into an online platform several times each day. The moderator interacts frequently with participants, giving them tasks, following up with probes, asking for more detail. Example For a major tablet manufacturer: In-home product placement of two different tablet designs. Over a three week period consumers worked and played with both tablets and sent in stories and pictures showing what they liked and disliked. Respondents also participated in “quantitative” polls pushed out throughout the platform. 4 Benefits Real-time responses, with rich and accurate detail. Can be carried out over a prolonged period of time so respondents can perform complex tasks.
  5. 5. Webcam Focus Groups and IDIs Description By using webcams, traditional focus groups or IDIs can be replicated online. Clients can view remotely and text with the moderator as the groups take place. Benefits Ability to recruit respondents without any geographic constraints. Respondents can view, and even mark-up presentation materials. Example For a global Fortune 1000 technology company: Conducted a combination of IDIs and focus groups to test ads with senior IT professionals from enterprise size organizations from across the country. Exposed respondents to a wide range of print and broadcast concepts in a secure environment. Viewed in real-time by client teams in US, Europe and Asia. 5
  6. 6. 6 Bulletin Board Focus Groups (BBFG) Description Utilize a text based platform . Can be time constrained (like a traditional 2 hour group) or take place over several days. Benefits Do not require any additional technology (e.g., webcams). Many people are more comfortable typing than being recorded by a camera. Easy to pull in respondents from multiple geographic areas. Example For a global Fortune 1000 technology company conducted a combination of IDIs and focus groups to test ads with senior IT professionals from enterprise size organizations from across the country. Securely exposed respondents to a wide range of print and broadcast media.
  7. 7. Topline Summary & Debrief Wave 2 BBFG Team Debrief & Revisions Wave 1 BBFG Recruit 7 Iterative BBFG Description Participants react to stimulus (concepts, messaging, creative executions) at their convenience during a 24-hour period. The moderator and client-side stakeholders observe carefully and formulate ideas for refining stimulus. A revised set of stimulus is re-tested with a fresh group of respondents, again over a 24- hour period. Benefits Unique opportunity to test, refine, and re-test. Quick-turn results. Convenient for any number of stakeholders in any location.
  8. 8. Global Telephone IDIs Description While not “online”, this more traditional methodology leverages some of the benefits of online research. Using simultaneous translators, a US moderator can conduct interviews with respondents around the world. Benefits Provides much more consistent research quality – with the same moderators conducting global interviews. Fast to set-up and execute. Example For a global Fortune 50 company: Conducted 100 in-depth telephone interviews assessing satisfaction among major corporate customers in 10 different countries. Recruiting and interviews completed in only a few weeks. Researcher Client Simultaneous Translator 8
  9. 9. A few slides on the Mozaic Group
  10. 10. 10 Qualitative Research Capabilities Naming and Ideation Message Validation Positioning Brand Imagery Qualitative Studies Product Innovation Value Proposition Experience built through thousands of groups and IDIs. Deep experience working with many different markets and industries. Meticulous project management.
  11. 11. 11 Online Research Capabilities Online Diaries Video Groups Online Usability Mobile Research Online Methodologies Virtual Shelf Space Interactive Package Design Immediate consumer insight in the store or home – not in a research facility. Research without geographic barriers. Methodologies in tune with how consumers communicate.
  12. 12. 12 Quantitative Research Capabilities Message Testing Market Sizing Brand Equity Market Demand Quantitative Studies Pricing Satisfaction Advanced multivariate techniques. The cutting edge data collection methods. Powerful market segmentation and pricing models.
  13. 13. 13 Global Research Capabilities In-Person Qualitative Multi- Language Surveys Emerging Markets Europe and Asia International Studies Remote Qualitative Premier Local Partners Research on six continents and in over 30 countries. A single point of contact for your global project. Premier local partners anywhere in the world.
  14. 14. 14 Boomers & Seniors Teens and Tweens Retail Enterprise Technology Financial Services Consumer Technology Some of the markets we serve
  15. 15. 15 A Few of Our Clients