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How are Aussie businesses looking after their staff in coronatimes?

We asked our Product Management community how their businesses were responding to the coronavirus and what great initiatives they put in place. This is what they said.

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How are Aussie businesses looking after their staff in coronatimes?

  1. 1. Coronavirus Australian Business Response Product Management Consulting – Training – Community
  2. 2. What is your organisation’s approach to remote working during the coronavirus pandemic?
  3. 3. What is your company doing to help during this difficult time?
  4. 4. Is your company doing anything else to adapt to the coronavirus that you think is great? Asking to take care of each other but also making it mandatory not to travel for work - so you need to be creative about how you get the job done Our company (locally in Australia) has allowed remote work on an ad hoc basis prior to the virus. They are now preparing for all employees to work from home starting later this week. It seems we will be allowed to bring stuff like monitors and accessories home to make sure we have a good and as productive home office environment as possible. Constant communication Expedited approval to remote access requests, sharing positive blogs on how to safeguard against mental health impacts because of the work from home or virus scare. I think we're all working through it as things unfold Communication has been great, especially trying to manage the inevitable technology challenges associated with remote working, which is not mandatory yet but we've been asked to take laptops home every night and be ready No business as usual! Already WFH has been implemented from day one when I started with the organisation some years back.The major thing they are doing is cleaning all surfaces every night. Cafe has eliminated cutlery. Only recyclable disposable cups and plates and cutlery from now on. And cashless. So card swipe only. Less handling. Central web portal to share latest information, switching a key global sales conference in April to be digital-only (hopefully to see better engagement and reach!). And expect more to be announced this week.
  5. 5. Website with all the latest correct advice from government and health authorities together with updates on whether PwC offices will close or not. We always ask each other, if the other needs anything. During the bushfires, we helped each other find respiratory mask. Colleagues have opened their homes to family and friends of colleagues. I have no doubt we'll deal COVID-19 the same. We have one rule, if you're starting to feel unwell, no face to face meetings. Why? No one is helpful to the team is they are sick, stressed, distracted. Better of resting. Pandemic leave Constant communication with all staff. Sharing best prac documentation with all staff re: WFH, setting up a work station etc. Specialised sessions for people leaders re: supporting staff. Invested heavily into extra tech purchases to enable all to WFH. Pragmatic approach and regular fact-based updates Clients that contact our company because they suddenly have many employees working from home are initially pointed towards free collaboration software (e.g. Zoom, WebEx, Hangout, or Teams if they have Office 365) No No. We are being accused of panicking when we offer a suggestion and being recalcitrant if we decide after silence to act in line with health guidelines Already had a pandemic plan set up and is keeping everyone in the loop at least once a week Is your company doing anything else to adapt to the coronavirus that you think is great?
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  7. 7. Companies that responded AARNet Informed Practera Stan ABC LM Digital Media PwC Ventures Stan Amazon Australia Macquarie Group Qantas Tabcorp AVEVA NAB RightPoint Telstra Health Bank Australia NPPA Scouta The Prince’s Trust Cengage NTT Ltd Seek limited Transport for NSW Deputy A big 4 bank Sephora Vital Software Genpact Plezzel Sportsbet 3D Safety Immutable
  8. 8. Thanks, really, to everyone who responded to our survey. Let’s keep sharing information and helping each other through this crazy time. Love, Team Brainmates.