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OpenContrail deployment experience

tcp cloud deployment experience with OpenContrail 1.05 on OpenStack Havana

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OpenContrail deployment experience

  1. 1. Contrail deployment experience Jakub Pavlik
  2. 2. About me Jakub Pavlík • Cloud Platform Engineer • 3 years in Cloud • 2 years in OpenStack
  3. 3. tcp cloud a.s. • #1 deployer of OpenStack solutions in Czech Republic • 2 years experiences with OpenStack • Basic two products • TCP Private Cloud – on premises, hosted in arbitrary place • TCP Virtual Private Cloud (TCP VPC)– hosted in TCP, pay per use, tenant = customer (Contrail based)
  4. 4. TCP VPC Contrail/OpenStack Facts • Contrail 1.05 with Havana on CentOS 6.4 • High Availability OpenStack architecture based on Corrosync/Pacemaker, HAProxy and MySQL Galera • 3x OpenStack Controllers, 2x Contrail Controllers – all virtual machines except one OpenStack Controller (because of Fibre Channel) • Not deployed by Fabric, but by SaltStack • Own solution for monitoring and metering/billing
  5. 5. Contrail/OpenStack Deployment Not Fabric – Why? • Fabric is great for showcase or standalone deployment • Fabric is not suitable for deploying OpenStack, because each deployment is different (cinder backend, glance backend) • Fabric does not deploy HA OpenStack for now • OpenStack config files needs to be extended for other items • Each company prefers different configuration management (puppet, salt, chef) • Fabric HA deployment of Contrail is not HA • Next releases are better Recommendations • There should be guide for integration Contrail with existing OpenStack and maybe steps for manual configuration without Fabric
  6. 6. Deployment issues with 1.05 Fabric HA is not HA • Other config nodes refers to ip address of first node (e.g. discovery service) • There is no VIP address in HAProxy Bug in nova.conf • service_down_time = 100000 Bad configuration for nova live migration • Nova.conf and libvirtd.conf must include parameters for doing live migration No options for cinder and glance backend • Config optimization and options inside of Fabric are missing
  7. 7. OpenStack modules – TCP VPC
  8. 8. OpenStack HA TCP VPC VIP HAProxy HAProxy HAProxy Contrail Config with Analytics & WebUI Contrail Control Contrail Database Openstack Controller MySQL RabbitMQ Contrail Database Openstack Controller GALERA Zookee per Cassandra Zookee per Cassandra MySQL RabbitMQ Contrail Control Contrail Database Cassandra Openstack Controller Zookee per MySQL RabbitMQ Contrail Config with Analytics & WebUI Bond Interface Pacemaker Corosync Contrail Config with Analytics & WebUI Pacemaker Corosync
  9. 9. OpenStack HA Architecture
  10. 10. Contrail screens from environment
  11. 11. HA issues Restoring BGP peering after failure one of control nodes • Sometimes joining control node after failure desynchronize BGP peering and whole floating ips are down for 20-60 sec. • Solved by deploying three config nodes and two control nodes Configuration files • Problems can be solved better configuration. • Native HA in Contrail release 1.10
  12. 12. General issues Cassandra problem • Flow records grow up very quickly. /etc/contrail/vizd_param ANALYTICS_DATA_TTL=8 MTU configuration at MX and QFabric • MTU size for North-South communication is set to 1550 QFabric and 1554 MX (at the end we had to increase to 9000 MTU) Bug in instance snapshot • qemu-img convert has bad parameters on CentOS
  13. 13. General issues Nova floating ip attaching • nova floating-ip-associate does not work – causes problems with existing PaaS tools Details for almost all issues are at user mailing list • All issues was discussed at list by me and most of them are successfully solved.
  14. 14. Pre-production 1.10 release • Migration from CentOS to Ubuntu • Full HA – 3 nodes together with OpenStack
  15. 15. Thank you for your attention! Questions?