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Content Doesn't Grow on Trees - An Introduction to Content Strategy


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Talk by Jamie Schmid, at WordCamp Seattle 2017 covering Content Strategy tips and resources for getting accurate content delivered on time.

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Content Doesn't Grow on Trees - An Introduction to Content Strategy

  1. 1. CONTENT STRATEGY Karen McGrane - An Amazing Content Strategist The Elements of Content Strategy Book Content Everywhere Book Content Strategy for the Web Book Video Tutorial Series Confab - The Content Strategy Conferences! Brain Traffic’s Content Strategy Blog A List Apart - Intro to Content Modeling Cleve Gibbon - Content Modeling deep dive! INVENTORIES & AUDITS Adaptive Path’s Content Inventory Tutorial UX Mastery’s Content Audit Tutorial EDITORIAL CALENDAR Creating an Editorial Calendar Using Google Calendar COPE! NPR’s “Create Once, Publish Everywhere” Video Tutorial Series
  2. 2. GOVERNANCE PLUGINS User Role Editor Role Scoper (Advanced Role Management) ONLINE CONTENT ORGANIZATION Gather Content Airtable EDITORIAL CALENDARS Editorial Calendar plugin Edit Flow CoSchedule plugin AUDITING Content Audit plugin