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WCCBUS 2015 - Content Architecture in WordPress


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Slides from 2015 WordCamp Columbus talk

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WCCBUS 2015 - Content Architecture in WordPress

  1. 1. Project Description - Annotated Starter Content Inventory Spreadsheet Our Example Mindmap Wireframe
  2. 2. Advanced Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress BrainTraffic: An Intro to Metadata and Taxonomies Conductor Plugin: WordPress Content Types Without Code Tuts+ Guide to Content Types and Relationships in WordPress * * This is an amazing 9-part series by Rachel McCollin that explains content types in WordPress starting with the database itself. It gets technical, but I highly recommend it!!
  3. 3. : Tips on How to Create a MindMap Content Inventory/Audit Description and Resources Annotating Wireframes Cleve Gibbon's Awesome Guide to Content Modeling