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Upgrade Bb9 Ku Leuven 0 Introductie


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Upgrade Bb9 Ku Leuven 0 Introductie

  1. 1. TOLEDO: van 7.2. naar 9.0 in 2 dagen na 20 weken voorbereidingBlackboard BENE Usergroup Bijeenkomst 24 maart 2010 - Leuven<br />
  2. 2. TOLEDO: Context<br />Learning Portal for the KULeuven Association <br />Toledo (since 2001)<br />‘Toetsen en lerendoeltreffendondersteunen<br />Blackboard / Questionmark Perception / Building blocks & integrations<br />Bridge between<br />Staff & Student, Applications & Institutions: 1 University & 12 Universitycolleges<br />
  3. 3. Toledo - K.U.Leuven Associaton<br />
  4. 4. Challenge 1: Scale & Use<br />1 University & 12 University colleges with a customized portal & specific branding<br />More than 95.000 active users<br />About 32000 different users online per day<br />More than 17000 active courses<br />About 2300 active communities<br />
  5. 5. Challenge 2: Heavily Customized<br />
  6. 6. Challenge 3: Integrations & Extensions<br />Custom authentication & Shibbolethfederation<br />Data management: Automaticprovisioningwithstudents, courses & staff <br />Overnight synchronisation with administrative systems, <br />Webservice: real time synchronisation with ISP <br />Links to learningtoolstrough Building Blocks<br />Group, Peer & Self assessmenttool<br />Wiki & Blog service<br />Question Mark Perception (assessments)<br />Links to other ICT-tools<br />Exchange webmail – ISP – Tolinto<br />Links to repositories<br />Turnitin: plagiarismdetection<br />Library (links to queries & articles)<br />Videolab (streaming videoAVNet)<br />
  7. 7. Challenge 3: Integrations & Extensions<br />Library<br />Blogservice<br />Mail<br />Storage<br />Intranet<br />VideoLAB<br />Information<br />Turnitin<br />Shibboleth<br />Shibboleth<br />Shibboleth<br />RSS<br />Single sign-on building block<br />Building block<br />Building block<br />Building block<br />Building block<br />Parser<br />BB API’s<br />Hib API’s<br />IMS xml<br />REPOSITORIES<br />LEARNING TOOLS<br />AUTHENTICATION<br />QM Perception<br />QMWise<br />Peer Assessm.<br />Wiki farm<br />Webservices<br />Bb<br />Shibboleth<br />Idiomatic<br />USolv-IT<br />ADMINISTRATIVE DATA<br />ICT TOOLS<br />Tolinto<br />Intermediate <br />Database<br />External users<br />Webservices<br />Webmail<br />Course Status tool<br />Community tool<br />Enrollment tool<br />
  8. 8. The Assets<br />3 system engineers<br />7 (Blackboard) developers <br />3 software e-learning consultants <br />
  9. 9. Macroplanning for the Upgrade<br />Important Dates:<br />May 2009: Specification of the Functionality (Advisory Board)<br />October 1st 2009: Start of the final Preparations (Main Project)<br />December 21-22th 2009: Upgrade 1 eloV<br />February 13-14th 2010: Upgrade 2 TOLEDO<br />Planning: categories week by week: (spreadsheet)<br />System engineers: Upgrade of the systems<br />Developers: - Upgrade of the building blocks - Bugfixing for BB 9 - (Stress)testing<br />Consultants: - Specification of the functionality - Customization of the interface - Functional Testing - Manuals / Documentation - Promotion, communication & info sessions - Training (support staff, users, helpdesk)<br />
  10. 10. Presentations<br />Upgrade your Blackboard 7.2 servers to 9.0 14h15–14h45 Jo Vanvoorden <br />Upgrade your Blackboard building blocks to 9.0. 14h45-15h15 Wim Machiels <br />Upgrade your Blackboard users(interface) to 9.0 15h15-16h Bert Coenen & Kenny Verbeke<br />