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eZ Platform - A Full Stack Symfony CMS


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eZ Platform - A Full Stack Symfony CMS, ready for the distributed world. Built from the ground up on the popular Symfony Framework and gives developers access to powerful features such as:

- A Flexible Content Repository
- An Extensible User Interface
- A Comprehensive REST API
- Siteaccess Concept for Flexibility
- Powerful User and Permission Management

The eZ Platform is a base for the eZ Studio product.

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eZ Platform - A Full Stack Symfony CMS

  2. 2. DISCLAIMER Don’t believe a software vendor!
  4. 4. IN NUMBERS Skien 15 year old software company, dedicated to provide tools and solutions where Content means Business. We are recognized as a leader in the domain of Content Management that constantly stays on the edge of innovation. New York Lisbon Paris Oslo Tokyo Lyon Cologne Katowice 45.000+ Members 80 Employees 250.000+ Installations 200+ Partners 5M+ Downloads Users in 160 Countries Commercial Open Source
  5. 5. eZ Publish, 1999-2015 ๏Open Source ๏First version in 2000 ๏Rewrite for eZ Publish 3 being more a CMF on PHP4 ๏Development of eZ Components ๏First PHP5 version developed by the eZ Community ๏Addition of CXM components from 2011
  6. 6. OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS in 2016 By providing tools, solutions & services through a digital business platform, the eZ Publish Platform, covering a range of business needs:
  7. 7. eZ ENTERPRISE The next generation of eZ eZ Platform eZ Studio Cloud Services Personalization | Smart Analytics | Marketing Automation eZ Studio For content creators For developers & designers CONTENT PLATFORM Build unique digital experiences that work CONTENT STUDIO Create and manage your content with ease CONTENT INTELLIGENCE Maximize the relevance of your content and grow your business
  9. 9. Key characteristics
  10. 10. Key characteristics
  11. 11. When is eZ Platform used? ๏More complex sites in terms of content architecture ๏Multilingual enterprise sites ๏“Integration heavy” web projects ๏Content Reuse / CaaS ๏Custom E-commerce
  12. 12. BUILT ON SYMFONY The Symfony Full Stack Framework
  13. 13. The Symfony Framework ๏Symfony is a popular general purpose web framework with a million downloads a month ๏Developers familiar with the Symfony framework can start working with eZ Platform quickly ๏The skillset is transferrable to other platforms built with it (OroCRM, Sylius, Akeneo…)
  14. 14. The Symfony Framework ๏A modern PHP framework that handles basics such as routing, caching, i18n, forms and more… ๏Focuses on the HTTP request-response model ๏Actions like caching and other things very fluent, since you’ll be working with responses ๏A solid architecture that allows extending functionality with a Bundle mechanism
  15. 15. WHAT DOES eZ PLATFORM DO? Adds Content Management Features to Symfony
  16. 16. eZ Platform ๏Content Management is a complex problem domain ๏eZ Systems has over 15 years of experience in it ๏Solid concepts for multisite and multilingual publishing with a semantic content model ๏Exposes PHP APIs and REST APIs to developers
  17. 17. Content Repository A Content Repository ๏A flexible storage for content ๏Fully integrated Solr search for high performance with millions of content items ๏Sends API signals (on all operations like delete, move, remove subtree, indexing…) for Micro Workflows ๏Pluggable storage backends (currently SQL)
  18. 18. REST API A comprehensive REST API ๏A public interface to interact with the repository ๏The admin interface uses it - a first class citizen! ๏For content syndication or straight with front end technologies like Angular, React or Vue… ๏Extensible, you can aggregate data from any Symfony data models like Doctrine ORM
  19. 19. Dynamic routing Dynamic Routing ๏Uses the ChainRouter from Symfony CMF ๏Matches dynamic URLs from the repository: ๏ ๏Works with the static routes you’ve made: ๏
  20. 20. Siteaccess concept Siteaccess concept ๏Matching a URL to a set of configurations ๏Typical use cases are multisites and language versions ๏ ๏ ๏
  21. 21. User Interface User Interface ๏A UI for managing the content, previewing, etc. ๏Uses the REST API for a no-pageloads experience ๏Designed to be extensible, developers can add menu items ๏Enables centralizing of all data editing in your Symfony applications to one interfaces ๏you can keep using Sonata or others, too
  22. 22. User and Permissions management User and Permissions management ๏A powerful user and permissions management system using users, user groups and roles ๏Uses the Symfony session transparently ๏You can store users elsewhere (Active Directory, LDAP, FOSUserBundle, etc.) and mock an eZ user when accessing the content repository
  23. 23. BUILT FOR A DISTRIBUTED WORLD Scaling horizontally with abstractions
  24. 24. THE TARGETED ARCHITECTURE Storage eZ Platform Business Logic Persistence & IO SPI Public API Symfony2 Web Framework REST API Twig Template Engine Website / Demo siteCMS User Interface End Users (Website users) Editor, Marketer, Admin (CMS users) Web Service User Interface APIs Web Framework & dev Kernel(s) Content & Data
  25. 25. Application Servers ๏PHP scales well by nature - just add more boxes ๏PHP 7 supported, big performance wins: 56-hhvm-and-php-7 ๏Docker to be the deployment choice going forward ๏
  26. 26. Database ๏Uses the Doctrine DBAL for SQL abstraction ๏MySQL and MariaDB are now officially supported ๏PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL… technically feasible ๏
  27. 27. File storage ๏eZ Platform uses the FlySystem abstraction layer for file storage ๏A number of options out of the box: S3, Dropbox, Azure Blob Storage… ๏Switching is a matter of configuration ๏
  28. 28. Search ๏Solr, a separate search server built with Java ๏Communications over a RESTful API ๏Even higher performance and scaling with clustering ๏
  29. 29. Caching ๏eZ Platform uses the Stash abstraction layer for caching ๏By default file caches, but can be switched to Memcached, Redis… ๏Scale cache yourself or using Azure Redis, for example ๏
  30. 30. HTTP layer ๏eZ Platform uses the FOSHttpCache for HTTP cache controlling ๏Supports user contexts, purging using tags… ๏Edge Side Includes (ESI) using HMVC from Symfony ๏Example Varnish configurations out of the box ๏ heBundle
  32. 32. Cool Links ๏ ๏ ๏ 56-hhvm-and-php-7 ๏ advantage-of-eZ-Platform-a-fully-featured-Symfony- CMS ๏ development-process-with-Docker
  33. 33. Thank you! Jani Tarvainen, Professional Services Consultant @velmu