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Battledecks 2012 at the American Library Assoc. annual conference

Battledecks is not for the faint of heart. It is a nerve-wracking event where those competing must create a coherent presentation from a deck of slides that they have never seen before. This is truly the perfect way to end any conference experience as courageous individuals compete for the glory of being crowned the next champ.

12 slides, 4 minutes and make sense.The rules are basic, but, as always, "There Can Be Only One".

Battledecks 2012 at the American Library Assoc. annual conference

  1. 1. Official Rules•Each contestant will present on the same topic: TransformThyself Librarian…or else! There are 7 unique slide decks of 12 slides each•Each contestant has 4 minutes to complete the deck•Judges will score contestants on 5 criteria and assign a finalscore out of 25•Scores will be combined to determine the winner•The Audience will vote via SMS to determine the fan fave All competitors shall achieve fame and glory for their bravery in competing today!
  2. 2. Annihilation in Anaheim Battledecks Official Scoring CategoriesContent and Credibility (did it make any sense?)Poise and Gestures (were they comfortable?)Flow (minimal pauses and stammering)Audience response (was there any?) Getting through all the slides!
  3. 3. GAME OVER
  5. 5. GAME OVER
  8. 8. GAME OVER
  9. 9. OutreachMattersToBuildYourBrand
  10. 10. GAME OVER
  11. 11. GAME OVER
  12. 12. GAME OVER
  13. 13. GAME OVER
  14. 14. Time forJudgment!
  15. 15. Credits and AccoladesBattledecks Logo design by John LeMasneySlides by Andy Woodworth and JanieHermannSupported by generously by AmericanLibraries and The Learning Round Table