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CPC Solutions


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Brief summary containing some of our print/packaging solutions, our equipment, and what we could do for you.

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CPC Solutions

  1. 1. 150,000 square feet of production and fulfillment space 60 + year, award winning commercial/Packaging printer with sales offices in 5 states. 90 + full time team members and growing
  2. 2. 1 -10 colors plus coating sheet fed Multiple coatings from Soft touch to UV Up to 40 in footprint Run lengths from 500 – 500,000 CPC SOLUTIONS PACKAGING CAPABILITIES
  3. 3. Stocking rolls from 10pt – 24pt C1s 28 – 32pt available with additional lead time
  5. 5. Straight line, Auto bottom, 4 corner, 6 corner, double wall, Tusks with partitions, Kwik sets etc... High Speed fold and glue
  6. 6. Digital Packaging Short run Footprints of 8.875 x 12.5
  7. 7. Depending on complexity we average 3-5 days for initial comps 3D rendering with graphics PACKAGING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION
  8. 8. PROMPT PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Dedicated project manager with over 20 years of experience. Reduced lead times because you’ll be dealing with the decision maker at all times.
  10. 10. Time to market – standard turn times Standard turn time on new construction with furnished die file 2-3 weeks Standard turn time on reprints – 10 business days or less Standard turn time on comps and color proofs – 1-2 days Standard turn time on estimates with furnished die templates – 1-2 days Standard turn time on estimates without furnished die templates 4-5 days
  11. 11. Packaging design and construction Professional carton design for any product without waiting weeks! Requires samples of actual product and how it’s going to be displayed and packed
  12. 12. Packaging upgrades special effects to get your brand noticed Upgrades include special coatings, embossing, spot UV, and foil
  13. 13. First box to the last and from run to run BRAND CONSISTENCY AND QC
  15. 15. 5% QC pulls and inspection
  16. 16. Organize. Clearly distinguish between things we need for productivity and things we don’t need. Get rid of the things we don’t need. Orderliness. Keep the needed items in the right place to allow for easy and immediate use. Cleanliness. Keep the plant and the equipment clean and well maintained. Standard Cleanup procedures. Standard Maintenance Procedures. Checklist for jobs. Discipline. Make a habit of maintaining established procedures. Sort Set in place Shine Standardize Sustain
  17. 17. COST SAVINGS PROGRAM Change box effects to streamline manufacturing process and reduce cost without sacrificing quality Combo run programs to optimize press sheet to run multiple SKU’s Reduce size to maximize paper and press Direct buy/ Pass through programs Inventory / Cash flow management programs
  18. 18. CPC TOOLING REBATE PROGRAM Based on volume and or frequency of orders CPC will rebate entire cost of tooling after 3rd or 4th reorder
  19. 19. CPC CERTIFICATION PROGRAM On all new carton orders CPC will print, die cut and glue 50-100 cartons for final inspection!! Relieves customers anxiety about changing vendors or launching a new product
  20. 20. Ensures that any oversight is caught prior to manufacturing Requires only a few additional days in production No additional cost incurred unless furnished art or die file is changed by client
  21. 21. DIRECT BUY / PASS THROUGH PROGRAM Exploits both company’s strengths – CPC manufacturing /Veritiv buying power on board CPC bills for manufacturing costs Veritiv for the board and distribution Perfect for long run, multiple SKU’s and frequent reorders
  22. 22. Easy estimating and billing – CPC does all the work and assumes all responsibility for yield, spoilage and make ready costs
  23. 23. Large inventory to choose from 10pt- 24pt
  24. 24. INVENTORY / CASH MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS Designed for large volume customers that order more than they fill on a monthly/bi-monthly basis in order to drive unit cost down. In exchange for 1 year commitment CPC will produce, ship and invoice monthly at the higher volume / lower unit rate price. Time commitment and volumes may vary by customer. Customer will be notified each time CPC goes back to press in case there are required art changes – CPC charges a small fee for new prepress/ripping time
  25. 25.  Time to market  Packaging design and construction  Packaging upgrades  Brand consistency and QC  Cost saving programs  CPC tooling rebate program  CPC certification program  Direct buy/ Pass through program  Inventory/ Cash management program  QUESTIONS?