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Maintenance Resume


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Maintenance Resume

  1. 1. Jason Heinrichs 411 Topsail Way Crosby, Texas 77532 713-906-3688 (cell phone) Certifications: Endorsement(s) Certificate Number: Date ofIssue: FAA Certified Mechanic Airframe/Powerplant 3207815 12/19/2006 OSHA Confined Space Permit Required 08/11/2015 10 Hour General Industry 08/11/2015 Construction 11/13/2015 Navy EAWS - Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist Security Clearance:Secret 03/2011 Mitsubishi Hitachi Operator Class VForklift 02/11/2016 Vertical Mast internal combustion Class VII Forklift 02/11/2016 Telescopic Boom all terrain Qualified Rigger 02/11/2016 Overhead Crane 02/12/2016 Qualified Signalperson 02/12/2016 Cranes & Forklifts Education: Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU) Durant, Oklahoma -Bachelor Science Degree -Major: Aviation Maintenance Management -Major: Occupational Safety & Health Redstone Institute (formerly Westwood Aviation Institute) Houston, TX -Aviation Maintenance Technology: Airframe and Powerplant Experience: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems-Orlando, FL Aug 2015 – Present Mechanical Specialist C - Alignment of turbine combustors and components including inter-stage seal housings, blade rings, and transitions - Using proper rigging techniques associated with but not limited to blade ring rollout, heavy cylinder and casing lifts, and turbine rotor removal/installation - Coupling alignments on small industrial rotating equipment and industrial generators - Utilizing proper material control procedures during opening, inspection, and closing of turbines and generators - Removal and installation of turbine blade and vane segments - Utilizing precision measuring equipment for maintaining proper clearances - Troubleshooting complicated mechanical/electrical problems - Utilizing proper crane and forklift lifting signals - Maintain tooling inventory and communicate re-order with field supervisor
  2. 2. United States Navy – Jacksonville, FL 2013 – May 2015 Assigned to Engine Mechanic shop - PatrolSquadron (VP-26) - Performed maintenance on the Allison T-56-A-14 turboprop engines and subsystems and the -10 Auxiliary Power Unit. - Performed inspections and repairs on the engines and the propeller systems, including all types of required inspections (ex: Special, Scheduled, Daily). - Performed Troubleshooting of problems within the systems - Removed and replaced worn parts) 2012 - 2013 Assigned to aviation logistics department - Patrol Squadron (VP-26) - Ordered,Received, and issued parts to the work centers of the squadron - Maintained proper parts inventory of all parts received and issued - Maintained proper tooling inventory of all special tools. - Maintained proper inventory of all Hazmat - Properly disposing of hazmat related waste May 2011 Enlisted U.S. Navy Eaker Field – Durant, OK 2009 A&P Maintenance Technician - Performed maintenance on Cessna 150s, 172s, 310s - Performed 100 hr. inspections - Kept shop and work spaces clean and organized Aeroframe Services - Lake Charles, LA 2008 A&P Maintenance Technician - Removed and replaced failed system components on aircraft (Ratheon DC-10-10) - Assisted in modification of fuselage to accommodate new research equipment. Work History: 2015 – 2016 Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems – MechanicalSpecialist C – Orlando, FL 2011 – 2015 US Navy – Aviation Machinist Mate – Jacksonville, FL 2010 – 2011 IISG LLC (Inland) – Field Safety Technician - Deer Park,TX 2009 Eaker Field – A&P Maintenance Technician - Durant, OK 2008 Aeroframe Services – A&P Maintenance Technician - Lake Charles, LA 2006 Fabrication and Construction (F&C) - Shop Helper - Dayton, TX Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel Tools: Proficient/familiar with aircraft airframe and powerplant tools, mechanics tools, metal fabrication tools, welding equipment, and woodworking tools. self-taught welder (mig, stick) Achievements: Earned Eagle Scout Rank - Boy Scouts of America - 2003