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Case Study: Product Development Redesign for Life Science client

Case Study of a fairly recent project for CEO of Life Science firm to redo the Product Development Process from concept to commercialization.

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Case Study: Product Development Redesign for Life Science client

  1. 1. Product Development Redesign Life Sciences Company Well-known International Life Science Pioneer Jay Martin Q-New Product Development Life Sciences.ppt 1
  2. 2. The client was having significant financial challenges, and needed to improve and speed up its ability to get new products to market. Jay Martin Q-New Product Development Life Sciences.ppt 2 Product Development Redesign Situation • Company had tried to redesign the process at least 4 times in 5 years • Rapid growth of company prevented formal processes to be developed • Time-to-market for launches was both critical, and an area of poor performance • Had gone years without launch of a major new product • Sales force structure (direct sales) added more risk to defection to competitors • Large number of new people in key functions in process (Marketing & SCM) • Client’s financial situation was deteriorating in parallel with a rough economy • New countries were of interest, and new product variants needed to be launched • Key staff in relevant functions were overwhelmed, confusion regarding process
  3. 3. Product Development Process had been an internal focus of various efforts, but the client finally requested our assistance. 2009 New Product Management Jay Martin Q-New Product Development Life Sciences.ppt 3 Product Development Redesign Assignment Placemat Gantt Chart SIPOC Global Product Marketing & Launch Process Marketing Ideation Initiative Objectives XXX XXXXXX XXX • Cross-functional / jointly developed • Process redesigned from end-to-end • Interactive via workshops & interviews • No documentation of ‘what we do’ • Focused on CPG / OTC Best Practices • Heavy detailed processes • Led by outside consultants • Includes process variants • Structured implementation plans/tasks Various Client Project Initiatives
  4. 4. Our team utilized a proven four phase approach which lasted approximately six weeks. Jay Martin Q-New Product Development Life Sciences.ppt 4 Product Development Redesign Approach Best Practices & Process Structure Process Development & Refining Finalize Future State Process Roadmap & Action Planning 1 2 3 4 • Project start • Data analysis • Best Practices • First draft • Conceptual ideas • I.D. process variants • Write up presentation feedback and distribute • Conduct interviews • Compile interview results • Further refine new Product Development Process (v3) • Validate new Process discussion results • Workshop on final process details • Future State process & details developed (v4) • Future State validated with key stakeholders • Review applicability across other business/product areas • Review different variants of the process • Create an overall plan to transition to Future State • Develop an Action Plan related to non-process type changes • Discuss/evaluate different methods of implementation Deliverables • Process Map(s) / Flow Charts • Process Details • Roadmap for Implementation
  5. 5. The joint client team created a new process for Product Development Process Redesign. Jay Martin Q-New Product Development Life Sciences.ppt 5 Product Development Redesign Results - Overall • Detailed documentation the process, with detailed pages and flow charts – Level 1 – 5 Phases & a Claims Sub-Process – Level 2 – 67 Steps – Level 3 – 438 Activities • Variants at the Process Level and also Phase Level if applicable • Check lists at key points in the process to ensure adequate completion • Assumptions / Decisions / Questions relating to each Phase and Step • Implementation Plan with starter list of all the required items to proceed • Provided client with a deck showing “Leading Practices”
  6. 6. Phase 4 Phase 5 Product Development Redesign Results – Level 1 Process Jay Martin Q-New Product Development Life Sciences.ppt 6 Phase 1 Ideation Phase 2 Definition Phase 3 Develop Launch Post Launch New product concept approved for definition • Is there a market opportunity? • Have ideas been researched that warrant deeper assessments? • Does this fit with our strategy/brand/portfolio? Concept approved for full development Product ready for roll-out to the Sales Force Product successfully launched Project due diligence to understand what went right/wrong • Can we produce a concept that matches expectations? • Is the CXO on-board? • Does the product that is being produced meet the same criteria as those set during Definition? • Does the product fit with the business case? • Was the forecast accurate? • Are we able to meet demand? Output Gate We used a proven Best Practice 5 Phase process template as the outline for the future state Product Development Process Redesign.
  7. 7. Product Development Redesign Results – Level 2 Process R&D & Marketing SVPs and Directors Jay Martin Q-New Product Development Life Sciences.ppt 7 Phase 1 – Ideation – Process Steps # Name Description Submit Ideas • Submit ideas into process; provide methods to communicate with 1.1 Participants Multiple areas 1.2 Gather Ideas • Gather ideas for Directors, delete obvious R&D & Marketing staff 1st Screen Harvest • First Screen – delete ‘chaff’ from list, add details & prepare for SVP review 1.3 R&D & Marketing Directors 2nd Screen Select • Second Screen – SVPs review, discuss which ones merit further analysis/scorecard 1.4 R&D & Marketing SVPs and Directors Scorecard / Due Diligence • Complete Scorecard & Preliminary Financials, deliver to SVPs & Directors 1.5 Marketing staff with support from other functions Senior Executive Preparation • Review analysis and prepare to present to Senior Executives (eliminate any in advance) 1.6 3rd Screen Kick-off 1.8 • Third Screen – approve opportunities/timing C-Level Executives, SVPs, other staff as needed 1.9 Assign Team • Assign Product Execution Team & Leader SVPs and VPs 1.10 Convene Team • Form Product Execution Team Marketing, R&D, SC, Quality, Regulatory Sub-Committee Review • Present idea to Product Sub-Committee for feedback and discussion 1.7 Marketing and Product Sub-Committee
  8. 8. Product Development Redesign Results – Level 2 Flow Diagram Jay Martin Q-New Product Development Life Sciences.ppt 8 Phase 1 - Ideation 1st 21nsdt 3rd Who 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Product Sub-Comm Suppliers Senior Executives Other Functions Marketing CMO Marketing Director R&D R&D SVP R&D Director Supply Chain Supply Chain VP Regulatory International Optional, possibly consultation if required 1st Screen number Sales Force
  9. 9. Product Development Redesign Results – Level 2 Details For each of the Level 2 Steps identified, we provided a great deal of detail as well as Level 3 Steps (Activities). One last time before launch moves forward, discuss product, marketing materials, training, recruiting and promotional plans with key Associates and others to obtain feedback Jay Martin Q-New Product Development Life Sciences.ppt 9 4.1 Owner Marketing Sales Force feedback is provided; needed changes in marketing materials identified Inputs • Sales collateral • Training materials • Customer tester lists • Launch planning Outputs • Sales Collateral revised • Training revised • Launch planning revised Activities (Level 3) 1. For each of the three groups, prepare a specific agenda and look to get information on our assumptions of the production forecast 2. Information discussions with Product or Category Task Force 3. Create a deck about the Product and Launch Plans 4. For Product Sub-Committee, have regularly scheduled calls or have an ad-hoc call or meeting to discuss 5. Obtain feedback on marketing materials, other communications, 6. Revisit assumptions around launch volumes and forecast 7. Check to understand impacts or risks related to contingencies 8. Provide feedback to Marketing staff needing to make changes Metrics (Potential ones to track) • Accuracy /need for changes to forecasts • Time • Cost of revisions / discarded materials Ideas / Issues / Problems • Not expecting to make changes, as much as provide key people advance information and assistances with the roll-out Review Launch Plans Gate Note: For the Steps in the Claims Sub-Process, they did not warrant this level of detail.
  10. 10. Product Development Redesign Results – Level 3 Checklists To support senior level client control and management of the process, we also created Checklists for key points for each phase. Jay Martin Q-New Product Development Life Sciences.ppt 10 Owner Regulatory Step Item / Question Were rejected ideas logged into the system? Has Regulatory seen this and is okay? Yes No Skip Sign-off 1.2 1.3 1.4 Legal Is this from the outside and were patent issues addressed? International Was International (people / countries) consulted / included? Supply Chain If from a Supplier, were proper disclosure forms obtained? Marketing Was the impact on existing products considered? R&D Were all sources for ideas reviewed for inclusion? Yes No Skip Signature Were all valid ideas logged into Sharepoint? Did you review Internet to see which ideas to evaluate? Marketing Were rejected ideas logged into the system? R&D SVP Do we expect that we will need to plan for a Clinical? Were the inputs for the Scorecard researched? Was the Scorecard value calculated? Was the appropriate Go-To-Market information found? Did (CXOs, SVPs) request additional research? Was it found? Was a preliminary Product Positioning Statement created? Was a PDR created? Was all the info entered from the above? Have you reviewed this checklist before giving to the SVPs? Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Yes No Skip Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature All Is this idea a Fast Track initiative or CEO priority? 1.5 1.6
  11. 11. Product Development Redesign Results – Process Variations To provide the client with flexibility for all types of development, the team arrived at (6) different variants below. # Name Description Driver What is ‘New’ Jay Martin Q-New Product Development Life Sciences.ppt 11 1 End-to-end development by Full Internal Development internal staff New initiative Everything 2 Contract 3rd Party R&D/Development Development organization completing work Client hires other firm to do Everything 3 Changing formula (quality or Formula Change material) for a product Improvement or new material Material(s) or formula (qty) 4 Switching suppliers or adding Supplier Change 2nd source for material Additional supplier required Supplier (and mfg capabilities) 5 Non-product change Packaging or Label Change executed Marketing or claim reqmnts Package/label 6 Entry into a another country Product Extension with an existing product Existing product, new country All (possibly) Country reqmnts Definitions: Variants – top level process options to facilitate efficient processing Scenarios – changes within phases regarding idea sources and priorities which will allow steps to be eliminated/changed for efficiency Inside the process details we discussed how each of these variants impacts the process flow and steps required for completion.
  12. 12. The project was a huge success, and the client asked us to develop training and come back to support the implementation. Jay Martin Q-New Product Development Life Sciences.ppt 12 Product Development Redesign Results • Immediately after final meeting, client contacted our Project Lead for additional work. Client COO rehired CI a few years later for Supply Chain work. • Client CEO commented ‘I think this could be a world-class process’ • We created an implementation plan with tasks and decisions required • Former SVP of Supply Chain at client contacted us regarding additional work at new employer. • Any questions, please contact: • Jay Martin • Project was done in partnership with RPC-Solutions