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How Financial Services Can Leverage LinkedIn to Prospect


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Social media has fundamentally changed the way financial services professionals engage with prospects. Did you know that 90% of decision makers never respond to cold outreach? Cold calling is dead, it's all about leveraging the power of LinkedIn to help build relationships and prospect more effectively.

Amy McIlwain renowned thought leader, and Diane Guganig from LinkedIn Sales Solutions discuss:

-Tips and tricks using LinkedIn to organically prospect and build relationships
-Advanced strategies to help deepen relationships with existing clients, uncover new prospect accounts and drive new revenue
-An overview of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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How Financial Services Can Leverage LinkedIn to Prospect

  1. 1. SALES SOLUTIONS How Financial Services Can Leverage LinkedIn to Prospect #LinkedInFS
  2. 2. SALES SOLUTIONS Type questions into the Q&A panel Housekeeping Download Resources from Library
  3. 3. SALES SOLUTIONS Today’s Speakers: 3 Diane Guganig Enterprise Account Executive, Financial Services LinkedIn Sales Solutions @dianeguganig Amy McIlwain Social Media Speaker and Trainer for Financial Services @AmyMcilwain #LinkedInFS
  5. 5. SALES SOLUTIONS Why does this matter? Sales Professionals that have high social selling scores are significantly more likely to win business 1.6X faster to get promoted to VP3 45% more opportunities per quarter2 51% more likely to exceed quota1 Exceed Quota Get more At Bats Get Promoted Faster 1SSI leaders (>70) are 51% more likely to hit quota than SSI laggards (<30). Based on a global study LinkedIn ran in Q4 2013 of Q3 performance. 2LinkedIn sales reps with high SSI (>90) were 3X more likely to go to club based on quota-carrying reps that began before Jan. 1, 2013 across all regions. 3Directors with SSI > 70 were promoted 1.6X faster to VP than directors with SSI <30 among all Director to VP promotions in past 2 years based on analysis of data on LinkedIn profiles.
  6. 6. SALES SOLUTIONS Find the right people 414M + members, and 2 new every second 2B + Members updates per week Stay informed Build trust Billions Of professional relationships #LinkedInFS @dianeguganig Why LinkedIn? The largest professional social network
  7. 7. SALES SOLUTIONS©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 7 Advisors on Social Media SOURCE: PUTNAM 2015 ADVISOR SURVEY
  8. 8. SALES SOLUTIONS ~20% of connections will change jobs this year, and they’ll take their 401(k) accounts with them With a target network of 1.2 MILLION contacts, that’s 240,000 money- in-motion events totalling $17.9 BILLION IN MOTION LinkedIn reports that 3 of 5 advisors using LinkedIn have gained new clients as a result Nearly a third of those brought $1 MILLION+ in assets under management What’s the ROI? LINKEDIN #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  9. 9. SALES SOLUTIONS LINKEDIN §  The Tradeshow §  Business related networking §  Connect with everyone §  Share articles, blogs, surveys, best practices §  Interact – ask & answer questions §  Follow people, companies, organizations §  Join groups #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  10. 10. SALES SOLUTIONS Profile Optimization #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  11. 11. SALES SOLUTIONS Create a Custom URL Before: A)er: #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  12. 12. SALES SOLUTIONS Upload Your Profile Picture DO! DON’T #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  13. 13. SALES SOLUTIONS PhotoFeeler #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  14. 14. SALES SOLUTIONS Complete Your Contact Information #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  15. 15. SALES SOLUTIONS Maximize Anchor Links #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  16. 16. SALES SOLUTIONS Create A Powerful Headline § Include Keywords § Describe what you do § Leverage the real estate § DON’T just list your current title #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  17. 17. SALES SOLUTIONS Summary 1) About YOU…tell a story 2) What you do in your role 3) What your company does #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  18. 18. SALES SOLUTIONS Embed Video & Dynamic Content § Introduction video § How to videos § Breaking news § Reports § TV appearances § Slideshare presentation #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  19. 19. SALES SOLUTIONS Dynamic Content #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  20. 20. SALES SOLUTIONS Education & Interests #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  21. 21. SALES SOLUTIONS Connections § Why are they important? § How do you make them? § How to be professional and personable #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  22. 22. SALES SOLUTIONS Sample Invite - Connections #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  23. 23. SALES SOLUTIONS Endorsements § What are they? § Why are you getting so many? § How to respond § Are you allowed to have endorsements? § How to manage endorsements? #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  24. 24. SALES SOLUTIONS Endorsements #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  25. 25. SALES SOLUTIONS Manage Your Endorsements § Turn them off entirely § Hide endorsements for specific skills § Hide endorsements from specific people § Delete or add specific skills REMEMBER: When you do receive an endorsement you can always accept or decline it right off the bat by choosing the “Add to Profile” or “Skip” buDons. #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  26. 26. SALES SOLUTIONS SAMPLE Response - ENDORSEMENTS Greetings *irst name, I would like to thank you for your recent endorsement of our services here on LinkedIn. Thank you for the heart-felt appreciation of our work. However, I will need to remove all my LI endorsements as the regulators forbid testimonials for investment advisors, and construe LI endorsements as such. I would love to connect with you to learn more about your interests and needs with respect to my services you endorsed. I believe there are a number of ways we could help one another. Would you be free for a brief chat in the near future? Looking forward to connecting soon. Thanks! ©David Gratke, a Principal for Gratke Wealth in Beaverton, Oregon #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  27. 27. SALES SOLUTIONS Groups § How to find relevant groups § Leveraging groups for networking § Group participation best practices #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  28. 28. SALES SOLUTIONS Groups #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  29. 29. SALES SOLUTIONS Analytics #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  30. 30. SALES SOLUTIONS Analytics #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  31. 31. SALES SOLUTIONS Analytics #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain
  32. 32. SALES SOLUTIONS LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it simple to establish and grow relationships with your prospects and customers #LinkedInFS @dianeguganig
  33. 33. SALES SOLUTIONS 33 Sales Navigator is your personalized environment focused only on your book #LinkedInFS @dianeguganig
  34. 34. SALES SOLUTIONS 34 Social Selling Index helps to measure your progress #LinkedInFS @dianeguganig
  35. 35. SALES SOLUTIONS 35 Start by identifying prospects using Lead Builder and advanced search filters to build a prospect list within seconds #LinkedInFS @dianeguganig
  36. 36. SALES SOLUTIONS 36 Create a targeted Lead List and then filter further based on more advanced search filters #LinkedInFS @dianeguganig
  37. 37. SALES SOLUTIONS 37 Or leverage Sales Spotlights to quickly target the right prospects Sales Spotlights leverage LinkedIn data to segment search results. Easily discover prospects who are more likely to engage with you. #LinkedInFS @dianeguganig
  38. 38. SALES SOLUTIONS 38 Save your Searches and have LinkedIn alert you to new Leads!!
  39. 39. SALES SOLUTIONS 39 Identify your warmest path to the right decision maker
  40. 40. SALES SOLUTIONS Uncover relationships for warm referrals at scale #LinkedInFS @dianeguganig
  41. 41. SALES SOLUTIONS 41 Get signals and Insights on people you aren’t connected to (outside of your 1st Degree)
  42. 42. SALES SOLUTIONS InMail: The most credible way to message anyone on LinkedIn Noah Gold #LinkedInFS @dianeguganig
  43. 43. SALES SOLUTIONS Gain insights and engage from anywhere #LinkedInFS @dianeguganig Desktop Email CRM integration Mobile
  44. 44. SALES SOLUTIONS “In a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.” - Warren Buffett
  45. 45. SALES SOLUTIONS Questions? 45 •  Email: •  LinkedIn: •  Twitter Handle:@linkedinselling •  Web: •  Amy Mcllwain Email: •  Web: •  Twitter Handle:@amymcilwain •  LinkedIn: • #LinkedInFS @AmyMcilwain @dianeguganig