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Reflection module 5 jennifer chang wathall


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Reflection module 5

Published in: Education
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Reflection module 5 jennifer chang wathall

  1. 1. Jennifer Chang Wathall Date: 14th February, 2017 Reflection for Module 5 Planning my lessons with Twitter! I have been a keen user of Twitter but I mostly use this social media platform on a basic, rudimentary level. I have slowly learned how to use hashtags to address particular audiences and categorize my tweets. I have just recently learned about Twitter lists and Twitter moments but there is still a lot more to learn! I was glad to put my research last week into practice and see how I can actually use Twitter in the classroom. I think it is very important that we do not use technology for the sake of it- the technology has to enhance learning in some way. I think tweeting entrance and exit tickets does enhance learning. Students can access each other’s tweets at any time and see what other students are thinking. There is a permanent digital record of these tickets and the teacher can refer to them anytime as they can be used to formatively assess student learning. All tweets are available on the Twitter sphere so students and teachers around the world can see these. I got the idea of creating a digital story using Twitter when I saw a Twitter feed a few days ago of the super bowl. There was a minute by minute live account of every play and everything that happened. I thought about how I could use this with students to record a live stream about how they take measurements to calculate the height of the sports block. I have yet to trial this lesson but I am excited about introducing this to my students in May when I am back in school. This course so far has taught me to take more risks and to be more creative about using technology in the classroom. I have used a lot of standard tools as fortunately I am at a 1:1 school where there is a stable and strong Wi-Fi connection. I have no problems relying on technology for my lessons and often use the Apple TVs to project our laptops. I am looking forward to seeing the other projects in this class to get ideas for using technology in a creative way!