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Carcility Clone Mobile Car Wash App Solution

Invest in the mobile car detailing app that allows users to request a car wash or any other car washing service required. For More Information visit us at

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Carcility Clone Mobile Car Wash App Solution

  1. 1. Carcility Clone Mobile Car Wash App Solution
  2. 2. People are leading an extremely busy lifestyle, with no time to take their cars to the car washing center. Witnessing the woes of the car owners, they can witness the vehicles getting washed and cleaned in front of their eyes and that all from their comforts of your home. An app like Carcility offers On-Demand car washing services in UAE.
  3. 3. Why Developing an App Like Carcility Clone Make Sense The car washing industry is growing in leaps and bounds. The industry has undergone a huge makeover from manually washing to automatic washing to now personalized washing using car washing app. The change is noteworthy and the facts can’t be ignored: ❖ Approximately 8 million cars are washed at car washing centers ❖ The annual income generated through the car washing industry has crossed $45 billion ❖ The United States alone has more than 15000 car washing centers that generate the revenue of $9 billion ❖ In the last five years, the car washing industry has witnessed tremendous growth as the car owners prefer taking the vehicle to the car washing establishments than cleaning it themselves.
  4. 4. Carcility Clone App Features Social media login: It is the first step to get register with the app. The users can register and login into the app via social media/ email id or phone number. Browse the car washing services: The user can browse the list of car washing services provided by the car wash app services/ Independent car washers. Place the washing request: Once you have finalize the car washing service, add to the cart. Choose location: Where you want to car wash? The app allows you to choose location so that the car washing professionals reaches the said location on time with the cleaning equipment. Payment: Once you have confirmed the date and the location, it requires to make payment from multiple payment mode. Give feedback: When the task is completed, the users are notified and provide feedback and ratings.
  5. 5. Admin - The owner/ admin ❖ Registration ❖ Manage users and car washing services/independent service providers ❖ Manage in-app marketing promotions ❖ Manage payments ❖ Review feedback and ratings ❖ Real-time analytics and reporting There has been an upsurge in the On-demand industry recently. Thus, if you are pondering an idea to make an app like Carcility, then you must get in touch with an On-demand Car Wash Clone making company that has years of experience in building an on-demand app in different categories.
  6. 6. Build Carcility Clone App for your Car Business +1 (858) 427-0668(WORLDWIDE)