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PAPS Mobile Car Wash App Clone

Invest in the mobile car detailing app that allows users to request a car wash or any other car washing service required. Downloading one app will let your customers enjoy the advantage of either making quick car wash bookings or hiring a car wash professional to reach their doorstep to deliver their services. For More Information visit us at

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PAPS Mobile Car Wash App Clone

  1. 1. PAPS Mobile Car Wash Clone
  2. 2. About PAPS Mobile Car Wash Clone We don’t like to wash our cars. It’s a fact, getting our hands dirty, scrubbing the car with soap, putting in few hours is not only tiring but time-consuming. How about you don’t have to go to a car wash center but car washers come to you and that too at a minimal cost? Unbelievable? Offer a hassle-free car washing convenience to your customers by building PAPS mobile carwash clone app.
  3. 3. Features Of PAPS Mobile Car Wash Clone App Place the car wash order - It allows the customer to choose the car wash service and place an order for the wash Location service – Feed in the address for the car wash service Notification – The car washer is notified about the new service order and visa versa, the user is notified once the car washing service accepts the order.
  4. 4. Track washing order – The user can track the service order on a real-time basis of whether the car washers are on the way, etc. Secured multiple integrations – It allows the user to pay from multiple payments integrated within the app Feedback and rating – Once the car washing services are done, the user is asked to provide feedback about the services and overall app user experience.
  5. 5. How Does This App Works? ❖ The user has to download the PAPS mobile carwash clone app and register it via social media account, phone number, or email id. ❖ Browse the car washing category and choose the one you wish to book. ❖ The search bar will display the list of chosen service provider from the nearby locations ❖ Choose the service provider and add the car washing service to the cart ❖ Schedule the car washing service by selecting the date and time ❖ Make the payment ❖ The notification arrives once the booking accepted
  6. 6. How to Start Your Own Car Washing Business? If you are planning to start a successful on-demand car washing business it is imperative to have a PAPS Mobile Car wash Clone App. To win the tough competition and get ahead collaborate with an on-demand app for a car washing development company. Make sure that the company provides you with the white-label source code, allowing 100% customizable features that are built to scale up your car washing business.
  7. 7. Thank You +1 (858) 427-0668(WORLDWIDE)