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One’s own self pr


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One’s own self pr

  1. 1. psychology 20082541Jeong jin-woo
  2. 2. list Connection between TV Program ‘I’m Singer’ Successive example Failure example Special case Good PR
  3. 3. ‘I’m Singer’ Purpose to conduct one’s own self PR for singer appearing
  4. 4. Successive example
  5. 5. Park jung-hyeon ‘Fairy of nation’ A song Starting with silent, step by step going to climax was hit the high score.
  6. 6. Kim bum-soo In Korea with success I’m singer’s many genre. visual singer
  7. 7. Failure example
  8. 8. Ok joo-hyeon cognitive dissonance theory As stereo type “I don’t believe her” “She is full of mistakes” “It is best what she is only the ignorant ” “She didn’t do anything wrong? To aroused her sympathy , I hate her”
  9. 9. Jo kyu-chan Didn’t have outstanding with other singers Without tremendous sing and fantastic performance Only his sing style
  10. 10. special case He had fast failure. He sang forth no response in our heart.
  11. 11. Kim yeon-woo He took a chance at special stage. He was edited his own self for audience.
  12. 12. Good PR? Try to show more honest thing and finding something to take their hear You must take character well. Try hard every time every thing. Estimating that how people thinks of me, What people likes, and move on.
  13. 13. Thank you