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Music Video PowerPoint #1 Initial Plans 2019 Done!!

I am done. This is it!!

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Music Video PowerPoint #1 Initial Plans 2019 Done!!

  1. 1. Initial Plans Joe Duffy
  2. 2. Idea Generation • Select a song/track that you like [or don’t like!] • Generate three ideas for music videos employing styles, techniques and conventions that we have looked at in previous sessions. Explore how you could interpret the song differently using different methods • You can add any extra info you think is relevant, images, mind maps, etc • For quick mind maps you could use to generate these
  3. 3. Remember…
  4. 4. Idea One The first idea I had for my video of “Our House” is using stop-motion with LEGO pieces to make a unique visual style, therefore allowing me to be more creative in scenes where it would difficult to execute an idea in real life. LEGO figures would be moved around to give off an energy as represented by the song to the watcher around their own LEGO house. To go along with my target demographic, I think this style would also keep younger children entertained while watching the video.
  5. 5. Idea Two My second idea would involve travelling around York, taking many images of the different types of houses for the rich and poor to represent that anyone can appreciate whatever their home looks like, and in editing I would cut to each image along with the beat to keep in sync with the song. I believe this would create an interesting dynamic with the audio and visuals while maintaining the viewer's attention with the fast pace of the video. This style could also break the parts of the video into chunks, with the housing providing as a sort of stopping and starting point for the other parts of the video to be in between.
  6. 6. Idea Three The final idea would mostly take place within the house, so it may coincidentally appear like the original “Madness” video but considering the subject matter of the song, it would be difficult to avoid completely. My family would appear in it, acting in their role by the song with mostly comical parts to make the visuals interesting and memorable. This idea would also help as there would be very little need to set up a specific time and location to waste valuable production time. My Sister may be leaving before filming starts so she may make a small appearance via Skype but my Parents should be there when I need them for a certain scene.
  7. 7. Mind map of ideas [summary of ideas]
  8. 8. Summary • 5 strengths of your ideas you could use The LEGO stop-motion would be fun and unique A diverse array of houses would give an interesting perspective Using a comedic style would make the video more memorable Changing the scene or image on the beat would sync the visuals well with the audio I think changing the styles of the video (stop-motion & real-time) will add to the wacky, randomness the song already has • 5 weaknesses of you ideas Due to the fairly restrictive subject matter, the video might be similar to the original in parts It could get difficult to edit the video succinctly The LEGO stop-motion could potentially get tedious to make The weather could potentially make it difficult to get pictures around the city efficiently There could be a chance that I lose one of my cast members due to previous arrangements at a specific date
  9. 9. Final Idea – Artist/Title/Info Our House / Madness Madness are a Ska band from Camden Town, north London, who formed in 1976. One of the most prominent bands of the late-1970s and early-1980s Two-Tone Ska revival. The Specials / The Selector / Bad Manners Pop / Ska (walking bass line with rhythms off beat)
  10. 10. Final Idea – Track Summary Meaning – The Family Dynamics inside the home Content – Working-Class Family Members living in their house, describing their daily routine in a comedic delivery mixed with a section set in the town area of York, showing a variety of housing Duration – 3 Mins, 23 Secs Pace – Fast Tempo and Exciting Imagery Style – Up-Beat Pop & Ska
  11. 11. Final Idea – Your Idea In my interpretation of the song, I would use parts from my previous ideas, in a fast paced fashion to match the speed of the song. The location of my house would have the most acting, being with my family members, while taking pictures of housing around York would be used and changed with the beat of the music. Using stop-motion would make the video oddly unique as the different visuals would represent the wackier side of the song. All of these ideas should make for an interesting and coherent video that keeps the audience's attention throughout.
  12. 12. Final Idea – Techniques and Styles I plan on using fast tempo in my visuals, with quick cuts being made when showing other houses that correlate to the beat and a high pace when acting inside my house. The stop-motion on the LEGO will be used rarely to avoid being predictable, therefore allowing for some surprise when used. Close-ups will be used to exaggerate certain scenes and a wackier style in the acting should increase the entertainment value.
  13. 13. Summary The previous summary of my ideas correlate with this slide as I plan on using all of the previously mentioned techiniques and styles, therefore providng the same strengths and weaknesses I described in the former version of this slide. I think the ideas have a strong entertainment possibilties and provide a unique enough experience, but there could be potential time issues as a certaain technique could take a lot of time or weather could hinder the footage quantity.
  14. 14. Potential Research Targets I will need to learn how to use a camera to its full function as well as finding locations of housing I would like to add to my video, and how many I need to have for the video. I will have to practise some techniques with moving the camera and creating some stop-motion animation. I will also have to think out how the acting will be visualised and very importantly make a plan for how the video will be structured in the end so that editing the pieces together in the end will be less tedious. To associate with that point I will need to understand is the specific kinds of editing I will need to do and how to layout the video in the editing software.