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Sales speech

A short instruction to sales speeches

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Sales speech

  1. 1. SALES SPEECHYour words must hit your customers hot buttons’. By ‘hot buttons’ are meant either a)the problems your product or service solves or b) the benefits of your product orservice.That said, here is a step by step process you might find useful for constructing a salesspeech outline: Step 1: Engage with your customer before launching into sales mode. For example, if you work in a shop you might introduce yourself and ask the customer whether theyve visited the shop before. Step 2: Ask questions to find out what problems the customer is looking to solve. Youll need to think of some questions in advance or maybe you can find someone in your line of business to give you some tips. Step 3: Present a solution to the customers problems. "OK, so youre looking for a light weight drill to make some holes in your bookcase. Is that right?". Step 4: Offer your product (if it solves the problem). "From what you say, I reckon this MicroDrill is what youre looking for".REMEMBER TO ASK QUESTIONS OFYOUR CUSTOMERS!By asking questions you force thecustomer to become interested andengaged with your product or service!