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80's decade


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Recorrido de la decada de los 80's dentro de la cultura Anglo-Sajona

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80's decade

  1. 1. • The ‘80s is not about nostalgia; it is about a decade of people, decisions and inventions that changed our future, told from the perspective of unknowing history makers who lived these iconic moments. It was 10 years of nonstop glamour, unchecked excess, ruthless ambition and explosive technological innovation that combined to produce the historic changes and global events that made us who and what we are today.
  2. 2. • The history of the United States from 1980 until 1991 includes the last year of the Jimmy Carter presidency, eight years of the Ronald Reagan administration, and the first two years of the George H. W. Bush presidency, up to the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  3. 3. 1980 • John Lennon Assassinated • Pac-Man Video Game Released • Rubik's Cube Becomes Popular • Ted Turner Establishes CNN
  4. 4. 1981 Humber Bridge opens, the longest single-span bridge in the world The Humber Bridge was built between 1972 and 1980. At the time, it was the longest single-span bridge in the world at nearly 2,200m.
  5. 5. In the U.K. • The best thing to happen to '80s hair along with the perm, Sun-In turned your barnet blonde (or more likely, orange) in an instant.
  6. 6. PEZ sweet dispensers • Dispensing little tiny fizzy sweets was never so much fun!
  7. 7. Grange Hill • In the '80s, British children liked nothing more than coming home from school to watch a show about children at school. Which was perfectly understandable, because that show was 'Grange Hill'.
  8. 8. The Sony Walkman
  9. 9. Five Star • "Britain's answer to The Jackson Five" weren't really that. But they were fine purveyors of kid-friendly bubblegum pop and shoulder pads.
  10. 10. Michael Jackson's "Thriller" sells 20 million albums to become the largest selling record ever. 1982
  11. 11. • In August 1981 the first 24-hour music channel, MTV.
  12. 12. Lady Di • Twenty-year-old Diana became Princess of Wales when she married the Prince of Wales on 29 July 1981 at St Paul's Cathedral.
  13. 13. Around 1982-1985 • Mobile phones are launched in Europe • The American poet Joseph Brodsky won the Nobel prize in literature.
  14. 14. • President Jimmy Carter announces the embargo on sale of grain and high technology to the Soviet Union due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
  15. 15. • "Just Say No" is the new tool to combat growing drug use in the US. • Advertising campaign, part of the U.S. "War on Drugs", prevalent during the 1980s and early 1990s.
  16. 16. • First Woman Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court • Personal Computers (PC) Introduced.
  17. 17. • Tax cut legislation proposed by President Ronald Reagan, the largest in history, is passed by both houses of the U.S. Congress. It would reduce taxes by $750 billion over the next five years.
  18. 18. And so… • In 1984 Reagan makes famous joke: "My fellow Americans, I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes." He supposedly didn't know the mic was on.
  19. 19. • America celebrates national holiday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day for the first time. • Fox Network starts in America
  20. 20. • November 5, 1982 - The highest unemployment rate since 1940 is recorded at 10.4%. By the end of November, over eleven million people would be unemployed. • November 13, 1982 - The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated inWashington, D.C., holding the names of the more than 58,000 killed or missing in action during the conflict.
  21. 21. • Cabbage Patch Kids Are Popular • Sally Ride Becomes the First American Woman in Space
  22. 22. • Vance vs. Judas Priest: Parents of two teenaged Judas Priest fans who attempted suicide in December 1985 sue the band, claiming that a subliminal message in the song "Better by You, Better than Me" influenced their actions.
  23. 23. • British astronomer Edmund Halley was the first to calculate the orbit of a comet. So Halley's comet, which happens every 76 years, bears his name. The last time this comet passed was in 1986.
  24. 24. George Bush as the new president in 1988 Republican President Ronald Reagan's vice-president George H. W. Bush ascended to the presidency, defeating Democratic Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis by an electoral landslide in the 1988 election. The campaign was marked by numerous blunders by Dukakis, including most famously a campaign ad featuring Dukakis in an M1 Abrams tank
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  26. 26. The “Rebel” Years -Heavy metal: Introduces that rebel voice to the youth
  27. 27. Games and entertainment
  28. 28. 80’s Candy